As the concern around the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused significant disruption of many businesses and communities, Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited has launched a new service today, called ‘Berger Expert Sanitization Service’ to meet the growing need for disinfection head-on. The event took place through a digital platform.

The new service from Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited is a convenient and effective way to give businesses and homeowners the confidence that their areas will be safe for all the members and customers. The service is provided by trained professionals that meet the criteria of the global standard of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The event was attended by several high officials from Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited, including Md. Mohsin Habib Chowdhury, Senior General Manager, Sales and Marketing; A K M Sadeque Newaj, General Manager, Marketing; Shabbir Ahmed, Head, Project, Prolinks & Experience Zone; Noman Ashrafee Rahman, Head, Decorative Brands; A M M Fazlur Rashid, Head, Channel Engagement; Md. Saiful Ashraf, Manager, Research and Development.

On this occasion, AKM Sadeque Nawaj, General Manager, Marketing, Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited, said, “Even if a business has recently endured a complete shutdown, it is now operating in a modified capacity, and every business owner needs to be confident that his/her office will be ready for customers and employees. While this is a new service offering, we believe that our trained professionals will ease the mind of businesses and homeowners with the disinfecting services.”


The team will disinfect themselves before entering the premises and will be equipped with tools and proper protective equipment – PPE, masks, gloves, and goggles. The areas which will undergo the disinfection process will be vacated of residents or employees and had to be kept vacant for up to 30 minutes after spraying. To prevent any fire hazards, all the exposed electrical outlets will be sealed and protected.

Berger Expert Sanitization will be using a disinfecting solution that is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and it has EN 14476 Certification as well. The solutions will provide up to 4 weeks of protection against viruses and bacteria. The disinfectant is environmentally friendly, food-safe with no toxic chemicals, and is non-irritant to skin and eyes; as such, it will not be harmful to humans or animals. Additionally, the solutions can be sprayed on all materials, even fabrics, which is good as, according to WHO, COVID-19 can survive on surfaces from two hours up to nine days. The solutions will kill 99.99% viruses and germs.

The tools and chemicals used in the disinfection process have been procured from renowned global manufacturers. The disinfecting solution is recommended by the CDC, WHO, and the UK Department of Health for effective disinfection of COVID-19. Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited will be using the following tools for sanitization – Graco Ultra, Graco GX 21, and ULV Fogger.

Customers will be able to book Berger Expert Sanitization Service through the company’s service centres – Berger Experience Zone outlets, 24/7 call centre number, official website, official Facebook page.

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