You might recognize her as the aspiring RJ who has made everyone laugh with her viral videos in recent times. However, Pari Rukh Matin is also a fighter and a conqueror. She conquered the dark clouds of depression and created a platform to reach out to others. ICE Today caught up with her to know more about her journey.

A journey that started as an RJ at Radio Dhol 94.0 FM, the starting of Pari Mukhi Matin was quite interesting. People might know her as the queen of sarcasm, but she is also a legal executive of RPL (Rangs Properties Limited). “I was an undergraduate student who wanted to earn some pocket money, to think that I would spend nearly half a decade in this place was beyond my wildest imaginations.” Said Pari while reminiscing the starting of her journey.

Her quest for looking for a logical explanation of the day to day things gave birth to her page “Unofficial Common Sense by Pari”. Explaining more about the concept she added that there are numerous etiquette and social conventions that exist in our society. They are not taught academically nor passed through our socio-religious structure, we simply learn to abide by them. Even though it is not mandatory to comply with the norms, she believes understanding and acknowledging them makes us better human beings.

Pari believes that there are a few serious issues that always need to be addressed in society. However, it’s a fact that people tend to get bored with boring content and thus the message goes in vain. “Humour is something most people are drawn to, it is the escape route from the stress that piles up in our everyday life. Funny contents attract the most views and engagement in social media. It has also proven to be an effective way to convey a message as the content is more engaging. I wanted to make sure my messages and opinions regarding the underlying problems in our society reach as many people as possible in the hopes to make a positive impact.” She added.

If you are wondering what motivated Pari to start with her page, the answer might surprise you. It was her depression! When often depressed people tend to take the wrong road while dealing with depression, she chose to handle it in a very unique way. “ In most cases, when a person goes through depression, he/she craves for attention. They seek comfort in acknowledgement and appreciation from other human beings. Therefore, I decided to appreciate myself and reach out to other people who are going through similar disparity, it is how the idea of creating my page was born. However, it is also very important to mention that concurrently, I also went to therapy as prescribed by my doctor. I would request everyone not to take the condition of your mental health lightly and to seek professional help when needed.” Pari explained.

Being an observant person since her school days, Pari always had a keen eye for topics that people don’t usually want to discuss. Explaining her thoughts on this she said, “There was a sense of realization in me that as a society, we do not talk about our struggles. A lot of us especially women in our society go through a lot of stress due to some norms frowned upon us by misconception and misinterpretation. I believe engaging in a conversation and sharing experiences is the first step in finding a solution.”

Even though she had quite the success of being an influencer, she doesn’t plan on doing it as a full-time commitment. Talking more about her future plans as an influencer she said, “I would like to keep doing it part-time. My page is a platform for many unspoken voices, who I acknowledge through my videos. Not everyone agrees to the point of view I put forward and often there is a lot of bullying in the comments section.”

She ended the conversation by sharing some wise words for people who are dealing with anxiety and depression. In her words, the primary cause of depression among most people is unfulfilled expectations. However, things do not work out the way we want in most cases. Therefore, it is very important to accept who you are and understand your limitations. “Concurrently, you have to know your strengths and keep on working on your weaknesses. One must remember that improvement does not happen overnight, you have to give yourself some time to grow. Most importantly you have to be committed towards your goal and keep working on it!” Pari concludes.

K Tanzeel Zaman, Subeditor of ICE Today Magazine. He is an avid traveler, aiming to fill up his passport and express his perspective of the world through his write-ups.