Pacing up Virtually

When it comes to technology, Formula 1, popularly known as F1, has never been shy about adopting and upgrading to the latest advancements. Its car tech regularly filters down to production vehicles just look at more energy-efficient motors and kinetic energy recovery systems and safety advancements laid out in F1 have been saving user’s lives for years. The interesting thing is that it’s not just on the track that the sport is pushing things forward either.
Things are changing now for the better. Those screens are on the way out, and VR headsets are on the way in.
With in-season testing now has been banned by the sport’s regulatory body, teams have moved to technically advanced simulators. This involves a car chassis being sat on top of a computer-controlled hydraulic rig that’s been placed in front of a wall of high definition displays. The movements are exceptionally true to life, with intricate changes to the car’s set-up being able to be tested without burning any fuel.
Now when it comes to providing the best experience for the players, DreamVR has to be on top of the list. At the MWC19, the DreamVR showcased and demoed its technology to Formula 1 fans and others interested in VR technology and gaming in general.
Compatible devices with the DreamVR application are able to take the user to the real excitement of the starting grid, podium celebrations, and the thrill that is unmatched Users can also walk along the paddock, enter exclusive hospitality facilities, feel the adrenaline of the team garage, and share the fans’ experience in the grandstand.
You can find the Dream VR app is available on every major 360º and VR platform including Google Daydream, Apple TV, iOS, Android, HTC, Vive, Samsung Gear, Pico, and Oculus.
As an exclusive offer from the DreamVR, with code BeDreamerF1360 you can access here entering your code, and by downloading the DreamVR App you can enjoy a one-month free subscription of Formula 1 360º experience.
Another one that is quite advanced on the real F1 experience is FormulaVR. Founded by 2 motor motorsports enthusiasts, FormulaVR aims at the best possible Formula1 style racing experience, one that is not only epical to drive in but also feels and looks lie the real deal.
The McLaren Formula 1 team has launched a special edition virtual-reality headset and racing game in partnership with technology giant HTC. A custom RFactor 2-based version of McLaren sim racing has recently been produced that will enable users to race classic cars from the team’s history.
There is also a simulation game where players can be part of the McLaren pit crew, and this includes a ‘pitstop challenge’ that has a multiplayer option.
If you are a die-hard F1 VR fan then you are in luck! These platforms and companies are working day and night to give you the best and the most thrilling F1 experience making you feel like you just crossed Lewis Hamilton in the French Prix.