Raba Khan, a name all too familiar within the Bangali households has recently made her mark internationally. After being listed in the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30, now Raba Khan has added a new feather to her crown. In a recent conversation with ICE Today, she shared her excitement, amusement, and still in shock thoughts on the topic.

You’ve been listed in in the Forbes 30 under 30. We would like to know, what does it take to be in such a prestigious list?

I don’t really know, you’ve got to ask Forbes that question hahaha

You were listed along with an Oscar winner, a Gold Medalist, Financial experts, Innovators and many more were in that list. How did you feel about this?

I was honoured. Every year the list hardly ever fails to be absolutely illustrious. Full to the brim with talent and genius and it’s a dream come true to be on it. I worked for almost six years in the field of media, marketing and advertising with more brands than I’ve been able to keep track of. In those years I’ve established brands of my own and officially consulted brands and agencies on campaigns too. And it felt great to be selected as a featured honouree in the category of Media, Marketing, and Advertising.

There were mixed reactions when the list was published. What was your response to the online reactions after your enlistment in Forbes?

Ever since I was a little girl the only magazine I’d seen my father read was Forbes. And so I’ve said this before and I do not mind saying this again, the only opinion I have ever cared about regarding me being on the list in the magazine is of my father.

How did you deal with the negative response? Did you find any basis in those responses?

I did post a response on my Facebook profile. But for me honestly, unless it’s constructive criticism, it’s irrelevant.

Now that you have a sense of legitimacy to your name and brand, do you feel there are new responsibilities on your shoulders both personally and professionally?

My intent was always to entertain but with my elevated platform and with my association with organisations such as Unicef and Action-aid, I just hope I can do better and work towards helping the causes I believe in. And professionally now with added legitimacy, I know there aren’t many things that are out of the realm of possibility.

In a time of an ongoing pandemic, do you think there will be any change on how people perceive the digital/social platforms?

Digital media is a great form of escapism. And God knows we need escapism in these rough times. But it can be such a community-building space where people can quickly and easily gain huge backing for the important work they’re doing

As an influencer what kind of awareness campaign would you carry out to inform people about their safety?

In these critical times, it’s more important to get important information from healthcare professionals. I personally have always pointed out the hilarity in what people are doing and in that way also pointing out what not to do. I have a platform and I will do more and more as times call for it.

How would you want your followers and friends to help you in this regard?

Again, listen to healthcare professionals and keep hope in your heart.

Any last words would you want to share with our readers and your followers?

Never in a million years could I have predicted where I am today, personally and professionally. It makes me really happy to know that my work reaches so many people out there. I will try to entertain them as long as possible. I also hope to continue to get the love and support I’ve always had. Thank you for letting me do what I do. Know that I really appreciate.