Amidst the ongoing COVID-19, Samsung Bangladesh has announced its extension of warranty on those products which are expiring during the period of the General Holiday, which started from March 29 2020. The warranty will be extended for one month, and it will be on all official Samsung products, considering from 25th March 2020 as all shopping malls and shops were closed from that day.

The General Holiday was imposed by the Government of Bangladesh to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Hence, people are unable to go to physical stores or service centres to avail of their warranty benefits in the event of repair or damage. During this period, all service centres of Samsung across Bangladesh are currently closed.

To ease customers’ woes, Samsung Bangladesh has extended its warranty on all of their products. Due to the current lockdown situation, the warranty extension may come as a breather for those who may see the need for a repair of their products during the General Holiday period.