Since its first appearance in Wuhan, China the coronavirus has wreaked havoc throughout the world. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the death toll has surpassed 5,000 with more than 150,000 confirmed cases which are exponentially increasing by the hour. Some of the largest cities in the world are under lockdown, turning lively streets and shopping malls into some apocalyptic nightmare. The global economy is facing grievous challenges, and shopping malls across the globe are now deserted.

As one of the most densely populated countries in the world, Bangladesh is at high risk from the global pandemic. If the containment efforts fail, the result can be catastrophic. Prevention is always better than cure, so our concentration should be focused on containment efforts, and it has to come primarily from the largest employers of the nation.

One of the biggest names in the RMG sector of Bangladesh, Fakir Apparels Limited, has taken the challenge head-on and leading the containment efforts in its factories. They have been making masks in Fakir Apparels premises with a filter layer in between the fabrics (so that it fits the purpose of wearing the mask) and providing them it to all our 12,000 workers and staff of the company. Going beyond the call of duty, Fakir Apparels is also providing the maks to all the schools, mosques and universities in Narayanganj. In order to ensure complete sterilisation, it is mandatory to rub hexisol on hands while entering or leaving the premises. They are also cleaning the production floors and office floors with phenyl and Lysol every six hours. In order to ensure complete awareness about the pandemic, they have put up banners all around the factory to raise awareness about Covid-19; hotlines are also open for those who feel sick for medical assistance on the premises. Fakir Apparels Limited has also asked anyone who feels sick to stay home.

Asif Siddique Tarafdar is the Staff Writer of Ice Today& Ice Business Times. He has completed BSS in Economics from BRAC University and vocal about disability rights and inclusion. Currently, studying MDS at Jahangirnagar University he is also a former Flight Cadet of the Bangladesh Air Force.