In a conversation, Sayed Shorif Russel, Brand Manager (Express Painting Service & Tools, Wood Coating), Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited, explicates on the importance of localisation in business, the role innovation plays in achieving market supremacy and his vision for the company.

Berger Paints Bangladesh has been a household name for generations and is deeply embedded in our culture; it is a remarkable achievement and an exemplary accomplishment at localisation. How is Berger so successful at localisation?

Localisation plays a pivotal role in any MNC to successfully operate the business in any country. Over the years, Berger has adopted many strategies that suit our objective in the Bangladeshi market. Our primary focus has always been to ensure customer delight through quality painting products and services. Being a subtropical country, Bangladesh is susceptible to various climatic changes. Considering this critical aspect, we manufacture our products that give our consumers the best experience.

Furthermore, Bangladesh has a vibrant heritage, and we all know that colours are essential to upholding the essence of our culture. For years, we have been an integral part of Alpona Utshab during Pohela Boishakh – the first day of Bengali New Year. Besides, we have been closely working with different universities through their fine arts departments and various activities. So, Berger has been a true glocal company that has brought out a perfect blend of multinational and local factors.

Berger is known for adopting the latest technologies to enhance the consumer experience. How crucial has this been in ensuring the company’s supremacy in Bangladesh? What innovations can we expect in future?

Over the years, innovation has been the key to success for Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited. Focusing on consumers’ convenience, Berger is the first in the country to introduce One-Stop Painting Solution. The service encompasses Express Painting Service & Illusions which can be availed from Berger Experience Zone outlets. Very recently all Home Décor outlets along with the introduction of VR & MR have been rebranded as Berger Experience Zones. Berger has also introduced many eco-friendly products. It has been the pioneer in bringing eco-friendly painting products for homeowners. One of its products, Breathe Easy Emulsion, has Green Label Certification from Singapore Environment Council for eco-friendly attributes. 7 RMG factories of Bangladesh, all of which used Berger Breathe Easy, were globally awarded by the rule of accord & alliance for maintaining an eco-friendly environment. So, Berger is not only selling paints but also considering how consumers and other industries can be benefitted from quality products and services.


Can you please share some insights about Berger wood coating?

Berger is the pioneer in manufacturing wood lacquer in the country. Previously, furniture manufacturers had to rely on imported products for lacquer coating. Introduction of lacquer brand – INNOVA contributes as an import substitute in this segment. Many small & large furniture manufacturers are using our products and exporting furniture in different countries. We are delighted that our products are being used to expedite the growth of other industries as well. Berger INNOVA will provide your furniture with durability protecting it from scratch, stain and termites. Very recently, we have introduced colour bank route for INNOVA. Now consumers can choose from more than 50 shades to adorn their wooden furniture. This innovation is going to aid the furniture industry of Bangladesh significantly.

From your experience, how crucial has it become for companies to maintain a strong social media presence? Have we reached a point where it has superseded every other medium?

Social media presence is significant for any company to reach out to consumers with the intended messages. Nowadays, just having a presence in social media is not good enough. It would help if you devised content strategy considering the crowd or users of that particular social media.

What is your vision for Berger Paints Bangladesh in the next five years? Any personal goals that you want to achieve within the company?

Berger has brought some tremendous innovations in the coating industry of Bangladesh. But improvement is a continuous process in this ever-changing world. Keeping pace with these changes is imperative to be successful in the future. I have been looking after Express Painting Service for the last two years. We are getting an outstanding response from our consumers who have been looking for credible painting service for years. We are introducing automatic machines to lessen consumers’ hassles related to painting. I envision that in five years, we will be identified not only as a paint manufacturer but also as a leading service provider in the country.

Asif Siddique Tarafdar is the Staff Writer of Ice Today& Ice Business Times. He has completed BSS in Economics from BRAC University and vocal about disability rights and inclusion. Currently, studying MDS at Jahangirnagar University he is also a former Flight Cadet of the Bangladesh Air Force.