Conveniently Perfect!

The INGLOT Duraline will make your life easier by letting you control the amount of product you want for your use.

Ever since the start of its journey, INGLOT has become one of the most preferred cosmetics brands in Bangladesh. All their products have become an instant hit and have set benchmarks for standard and quality in the industry. Due to some recent events, consumers have become very sceptical about the authenticity of cosmetics available in the market. INGLOT, a polish brand guarantees authentic, high-end products in all their stores across the country.

Duraline is one of the most popular products from the company, recommended by casual users as well as beauty experts. It is a waterless clear liquid that can be mixed with any makeup product to make it waterproof. The fluid makes the application of makeup easier and improves longevity. If you want to use your pigments wet, add a drop of Duraline instead of water, and you wouldn’t even need an eyeshadow base to make your pigments last longer on your eyelids. Duraline also allows you to play with the intensity of colours, different volumes of the product provides different intensities. This feature can be handy when applying eye shadows. Admiringly, the fluid dries very quickly so the product can be used on the go and also ensures your eyeshadows and liners stay smudge-proof.

Perhaps, the best feature of Duraline is its usability; it is incredibly easy to use. Just mix a drop of Duraline with a product of your choice on a mixing palette and apply with a brush of your choice depending on the desired effect. The Duraline has already won hearts of beauty enthusiasts around the world; we believe it has earned itself on the list our “must-have” beauty essentials in our purse.

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