What do Los Angeles, Tokyo, Madrid and Dhaka have in common? All these bustling cities have Tony Roma’s serving their delicious ribs in them. Sumiaya Kabir unearths more about the restaurant chain that was launched by an Italian businessman back in 1972 in Florida

Tony Roma’s is a full service, casual dining family restaurant where you can find premium BBQ ribs and steaks in locations across the world. With over 150 family restaurant locations on 6 continents, Tony Roma’s is easily one of the most globally recognisable names in the industry.

Around the cities of the world, Tony Roma’s serves its signature ribs, world famous onion loaf, steak, chicken and seafood. And for the last 2 years, this master franchise has been in Dhaka as well, much to the pleasure of the Bengali meat lovers.

It all began almost half-a-century ago, when Tony Roma’s Miami Chef David Smith took a low-cost, overlooked cut of meat and created one of the most crave-able and popular food items in the world today. Tony Roma’s changed the way consumers eat — popularising baby back ribs and bringing American-style grilling to meat lovers around the world.

A Premium Taste Just For You

People love barbeque. What makes Tony Roma’s beef ribs so special out here in Dhaka and for the last 45 years across the world, is a result of their special cooking process that seals in the smoked flavour, the sauce and the caramelisation of the sauce, and their selection of only premium rack cuts that are more tender, juicy and meatier than the ribs that most other places use.

You can enjoy their Bountiful Beef Ribs served with Tony Roma’s original BBQ sauce, or Filet Medallion and Beef Rib Combo, or the Beef Short Rib to name a few. The Beef Short Rib is grilled bone-in short rib, demi-glace, served with fire-roasted zucchini, yellow squash, red peppers, and carrots.

Legendary For Ribs, Famous For So Much More!

That is the tagline they go by. With an elegant interior and impressive service at their location on Gulshan 2 North Avenue, you can sit in for a casual lunch or a family dinner and order more than just their famous ribs.

While their super tempting beef and lamb ribs make up this iconic brand’s DNA, they pride themselves in their char-grilled premium quality steaks – known for melting right in your mouth! With no complaints of being too chewy, your perfectly cooked meat is served with only its seasoning, and the choice of sauce left entirely to you.

Additionally, as a side dish, you get just more than your regular serving of everyone’s favourite mashed potato – imagine loaded mashed potato! What an absolute delight! Some more premium side dishes include fire-roasted vegetables, mac n’ cheese, and baked Idaho potatoes served with cheese or bacon.


Tony Roma’s is known for its constant maintenance of quality, and serving only the best and most fresh product. Almost all the items on the menu are grilled and avoid unhealthy fried items.

Prior to your meal of ribs and steaks, you can enjoy fresh and crispy salads, sandwiches or gourmet burgers too. There are signature appetizers such as Steak and Wild Mushroom Flatbread, the type of bread that is imported from Malaysia and available only at Tony Roma’s in the entirety of Bangladesh.

Their Onion Loaf is another mentionable item on the appetizers menu, as it is made uniquely by frying stacks of the Super Colossal Spanish Onions which gives it a taste sweeter than most. Their menu also includes custom-topped seafood such as shrimp and if you are a simple fish lover, you have your classic serving of salmon as well.
But if you are one for the liquids during your appetizers, there’s always the soup of the day at Tony Roma’s. Make sure to order their mushroom soup once you’re there!
For the chicken lovers, the BBQ half-chicken remains a popular one, served with coleslaw and French fries. You can go for their pasta as well, the Chicken Alfredo Florentine or maybe the freshly launched Fish n’ Chips. Fried Mushrooms and Spicy Garlic Mushrooms are new items to look forward to as well if you are in search of the local taste at Tony Roma’s.

Make sure to end your meal with the refreshing note of their speciality drinks, such as Wild Berry Romarita that consists of wild berry, orange juice, fresh lime juice and lime sour mix, shaken or blended with ice and served in a sugar-rimmed glass. And for this winter, you can enjoy your special Hot Chocolate as well.

What Else Is New?

With international brands and maintaining high quality, eating out can often become a little beyond the budget. But this high-end family restaurant has kept that in mind.
Open from 11 am everyday, Tony Roma’s offers great affordable deals on everyday menu items during the lunch hours. Enjoy your favourite dishes arranged into set menus at a discounted price in between work or a weekend lunch out with your loved ones.
With an immensely positive response from food lovers in Dhaka since 2017, Tony Roma’s is now set to open two more branches in Dhaka and expand further in Chittagong eventually. They have been attempting to meet the local taste as well, and combine Tony Roma’s signature recipes with local products to bring more variation and up their game!
Here’s a fun fact: in one year, Tony Roma’s uses enough barbeque sauce to fill 41 swimming pools! If you like the sound of so much sauce, you will definitely have to roll-up your sleeves and dive into the world of their mouth-watering taste soon!