The Chocolate Room hosts a lunch party with some of Dhaka’s biggest Instagram bloggers
In order to celebrate the overwhelming response it has received since its launch, The Chocolate Room recently hosted a lunch party followed by dessert. Some of Dhaka’s biggest instagram bloggers showed up and indulged in a day filled with good food, good company and not to mention the best dessert in town. The aim of the event was to broaden The Chocolate Room’s reach on social media and they successfully created quite the impression through some of the most influential Instagram personalities. Among those present were prominent fashion bloggers like Naziba Naushin, Sumaya Meem and Afsara Tasnim as well as esteemed food bloggers like @Provaeats, @tahrimeats, @iffybiffys, @petukcouple, @dhakaslurps and Iftekhar Rafsan aka Rafsan the ChotoBhai. Guests were treated to a buffet lunch at Abacus and were later taken down to The Chocolate Room to try some of their signature dishes.