Being an entrepreneur is not as easy as people describe on social media. The shimmering glamour of independence and authority comes with the bitter experience of insults and rejection on the other side of the coin. And if the entrepreneurial journey is on a non-conventional career track, then the roads ahead of you couldn’t be rougher. Let’s have a look at how we can channel the negativity of insults and dismissal to something positive.

Insults are fuel
If you ask me, insults and rejection work as fuel for me. If someone throws a brick at you, use the brick to build a platform under you. Insults and rejection will be there, regardless of what we do. Instead of taking the remarks to heart, use the insults as fuel to do what you do with double speed and vigour. You are the doer while others are just talkers because doers do while talkers talk.

Rejections are for ejection
If you overlook rejections, it will double your pace towards your goal. If a dismissal is an epidemic, persistency is the medicine. From my little experience as an entrepreneur, I have seen rejections to crumble into pieces on the face of persistence. So if you are rooting for your dream and getting rejected is a frequent occurrence, then remain persistent, you will reach where you want to go.

Put yourself on someone’s shoe before insulting
These few lines are for the people who have offended me. First off, thank you; it is your insults that gave me the drive to achieve more and never give up. And before you jump to conclusion and insult someone, try to put yourself on someone’s shoe. Be respectful to their map of the world, their struggles and effort. Today you are in a position to insult the other person, but who knows about tomorrow.

Criticism is good
Let’s not confuse criticism with insults. Being open to constructive criticism is a long term game. If we can digest and act upon constructive criticism and feedback, we will grow to eliminate our flaws and drawback. If you compare yourself to a tree, feedback and criticism are like fertilizers and insults are like weed and darnel that needs to be thrown out for healthy growth.

To summarize, we need to channel the negativity of insults into positive fuel, eject the rejections from our life and build our self with constructive criticism and keep trying for our goals.