Nabil Sultan shares his insights about the newly launched blazer brand SULTAN

Nabil Sultan, the owner and founder of clothing brand SULTAN converses with ICE Toady’s VERVE on the inception of his brand.

Can you please share the inspiration behind Sultan? Who are the target customers?

We wanted to conceive a brand that resonates with the young generation of the country. Sultan was envisioned with that exact purpose. It is a royal brand for the youth, which is tailored to be fashionable and trendy. We want our customers to exhume confidence when they put on our suave attires. Not only they will experience the ultimate fit, but their apparels will also be cut out off from the finest fabric the market has to offer. 

Splash is known in BD as a streetwear brand. SULTAN is a product line of Splash how do you think consumers will react to it offering blazers?

The people of Bangladesh are becoming fashion-forward as the day passes by. Thanks to the boom of social media and cheap internet, we can easily be updated on what is hip and now. We have plenty of stylish youth and adults who want to attend the socialite events while donning a blazer and chinos or in some cases, even tuxedos. I am delighted to say that our youth is more self-aware when it comes to representing themselves as an individual through their ensembles. I believe both SULTAN and the consumers are ready for each other.

The market for ready-made suits and blazers right now is a bit saturated, how is SULTAN going to differentiate itself?

When it comes to the fitting and standard of our products, SULTAN will be on a different level compared to other ready-made garment brands. Our expertise in the apparel industry ensures that consumers will be able to lay claim to our products with the highest quality of fabrics and bold designs. We wholeheartedly follow the notion that it is imperative to keep up our standard to date in the world of fashion by producing fashion-forward products. SULTAN will provide the right solution for the voguish men who love to be stylish and want to stay ahead in the game. The sole purpose of SULTAN is to present snazzy attires with the right prices, which will make the consumers fall in love globally with it. 

Can you please share about the range of products SULTAN is going to offer? 

With proper and sound planning, we are willing to offer a 360-degree fashion-related solution to any and all ages of fashionable men. SULTAN was launched with attires under basics, casual, formals to party wear. Which means it has suave ensembles such as party and casual blazers along with suits and tuxedos. For ethnic-apparel lovers, we are offering panjabis, casual and formal shirts. With time, we will also introduce chinos, trousers, t-shirts and so on. 

What is your vision regarding SULTAN? Do you plan to introduce custom-tailored suits and blazers by SULTAN in the future?

We will strive to launch SULTAN globally soon. It will be a homegrown brand which will be on par with its international counterparts. We plan to acquire the ability to deliver our products to customers worldwide. If you want to succeed in boosting your brand across borders and cultures, it takes careful planning. There have been epic fails and relatively few successes, and we aim to be a part of the latter one. With our own sets of protocols and well-thought-out vision, we hope that SULTAN will become the first choice for any fashionable and trendy man.