Exponents of wedding industry shared their insights about how to ace it all in the big day. Irfan Aziz and K Tanzeel Zaman find out more

Bangladeshi wedding ceremonies have evolved into grand occasions, very colourful and lavish with a lot of pomp and show. The preparations for the wedding begin months in advance. The guests, the get together, the music and dance all are a part of this extravaganza.

It is no silent affair. It is one of the most crucial events in the life of every Bangladeshi mother, father, daughter, son, brother or sister etc. The word ‘Wedding’ carries a whole baggage of an entire fortune which people long to spend. A Bangladeshi wedding is not just a day’s affair. It starts with the hunt for the perfect match followed by celebrations, lasting at least for days, before marriage.

From accumulating ideas, accommodating to each extension of a budget, to even looking over every minute detail right down to post-wedding formalities, the wedding industry has become incredibly diverse. Revamping all these factors into one’s special day is a phenomenon on its own, and without a doubt, a great wedding needs excellent work.
In our country, this industry has been doing exceptionally well. Anything and everything the planners do is about extravagance – which is very much why it is getting the attention, significance, and recognition it needs all over the country. Even though the indulgence easily lures clients, it is also the amount of hard work and perfection put into a dream-like wedding, which gives people the affirmation that their ones shouldn’t go unplanned either.

However, voguish parties have become a trend that has taken a mad craze. To avoid the monotonous patterns, planners are coming up with something new every day. The cost is not a matter. It depends on the individual’s desires and the organizer’s implementation of those desires.

‘Wedding Industry’ is a broad term to accommodate the complete set of activities involved. In fact, it is made up of a large number of variables. Anything could go wrong within these numerous variables, and a fabulous plan will always have various things going wrong.

Now, when it comes to fashion, weddings are the perfect platforms to value and demonstrate modern attires. That world itself is fascinating. Many talented individuals across the market are rising and setting records. Not only is it inspiring the upcoming generations, but also it is contributing to the betterment of our country and much more. That being said ICE Today converses with the movers and shakers of the wedding industry.

Badal Roy
Managing Director,
Jarwa House

Under the guidance of Badal Roy, Jarwa House has become the leading name in jewellery in Bangladesh. With a heritage older than our country itself, Jarwa House has become a name synonymous with weddings and for decades, their meticulously crafted jewelleries have lit up countless weddings and their creations have been a major driving force behind the success of the industry. “The industry we see today is vastly different from what it once used to be. It used to be significantly smaller back in the day with only a handful of jewellers creating their designs from scratch and operating their own shops. But overtime, we started adopting western practice which saw the evolution of our business formula and the rise of bigger names who emphasised on branding,” he explained. Badal was born into the history with his grandfather, father and mother all being pioneering figures in the realm of jewellery. “In fact, my mother was the only individual in both East and West Pakistan who could make pearls hold and my father was among the elite artisans who had unrivaled skills in assembling jewellery,” he added. With all of the skills, talents and expertise on display, the family decided to start their own business and alas Jarwa House was conceived. Following the traditions of the old days, it was initially started in Badal’s house in Wari. However, Badal had bigger dreams and when it was his turn to look after Jarwa House, Badal aimed for the fences and opened the very first proper outlet in Elephant road. The response were incredible. Throughout the years, peoples’ tastes have evolved, technology has evolved but one thing that has remained constant is Jarwa House’s presence in the market. This can be credited to Badol’s open mind and his willingness to adapt, learn and grasp new trends. “Obviously there are certain designs that are timeless but peoples’ tastes have indeed evolved. We had the age of gold and then we moved on to the age of diamond and now we are in the age of customisation. And Jarwa House has expertly catered to all of their clients’ needs through a combination of state of the art technology and some of the finest artisans this country has seen. “The artisans are the life force of the industry and I cannot stress enough on the importance of taking care of them and making them feel important,” he added.

Under Badol’s leadership, Jarwa House has consistently set the standards of the industry. He believes that quality and customer satisfaction goes hand in hand and has always operated his business in such a manner so that neither is compromised. That is why Jarwa House products boast a world class finish and Badal believes that it is time to take the next big step. “We have achieved everything we can possibly achieve in Bangladesh’s market and now I want to expand the horizons of my dream,” exclaimed Badol. His next aim is to take Jarwa House to the international stage and he hopes that the government will support his quest. He wants his children to be able to exhibit Jarwa House’s creation abroad, something he himself couldn’t achieve.

Enchanted Events and Prints

Saushan Moyeen Khan revolutionised event management in Dhaka with Enchanted Events and prints. Although she founded the company 8 years back, her passion for event management started way before that. She was always organising get-togethers and birthday parties, she had a natural knack for it. Pretty soon people started asking her to organise their events for them which laid the foundation for Enchanted Events. However Saushan has plans of pursuing higher education abroad. She was as brilliant in her academics as she was in organising events and finished her GED in a month and achieved the highest score in South East Asia. Unfortunately for various reasons, she wasn’t able to go abroad but life already had bigger things planned out for her. Enchanted Events has played a vital role in completely changing the events industry of Dhaka City by introducing the concept of customisation. “Back in the day people had to select from premade templates and I did not like that concept. For me each of my events will have to portray what my client is like so one cannot match the other. None of my projects resemble one another,” stated Saushan. To her, providing customers with a product specifically designed for them is the most important thing. “It is only fair given the premium they have to pay,” she stated.

Saushan believes that events are like fashion, it is all about being comfortable in your own skin and that’s why she tailors her projects according to her clients. “If I see that my client is more on the quieter side, I would suggest them a subtle approach to their events as opposed to a grand one. I believe industry shouldn’t follow any specific trend and should reflect the client’s personality. And a little bit of our creativity,” she described. And for 8 years, she and her team have done exactly that. The event management can be quite unforgiving with long hours, excruciating working conditions and obstacles such as the weather but Enchanted Events have taken on and beaten them all and given clients what they want and more. “The key here is to stay motivated and keep others motivated. You have to be honest, dedicated to your work and persevere until you have reached your goals,” said Saushan in her concluding notes.


GALA Makeover Studio & Salon

Navin Ahmed is one of the most talented and influential makeup artists in Dhaka. The owner of Gala makeup salon is a household name and a go-to when it comes to bridal makeup. Navin has successfully established one of the most comprehensive salons in the city that takes care of all of your skincare needs. Much like any pioneer, Navin discovered her passion for makeup during her early years. “I remember my friends and family members used to come to me to get their makeup done before any event. I used to get a great deal of joy from it and always want to explore more,” explained Navin. They say luck is when preparation meets opportunity and just when Navin’s talent was gaining popularity, facebook was also on the rise. “I decided to invite over a few friends, give them a makeover and share photos from my facebook page. It simply blew up! Pretty soon people were booking me for events, it was amazing,” she added. She hasn’t looked back since and now Navin is one of the most booming figures in one of the most booming industries of Dhaka. Navin has heaps of praise about how far the industry has come since she started and has attributed its success to the ease at which beauty products can be obtained these days. She also praised her clients for being more comfortable in their own skins than people used to be back in the day. “We live in the era of nude lips, light colours and ethereal looks. People used to prefer a thicker base back in the day but that’s because they had no other option available. It’s all about looking natural and glamorous at the same time nowadays and we try our best to cater to these requirements,” she stated. The makeup industry is one that is expected to keep on booming and Navin Ahmed is on the forefront of it all!


Sahar Rahman Courture

Sahar and Amana Rahman are two names that need no introduction in the realms of the wedding industry. Over the past couple of years their minimalistic and chic designs have become staples of the wedding season. The supreme quality of their materials and their eye for detail have earned them a lot of plaudits indeed. Their journey into the fashion industry began at a very early age as both sisters were drawn to the creative side of things as children. Mixing the right pattern with the right fabric was as easy as breathing for them. They used to design their own outfits and their creations got a lot of praises from friends and family alike which only encouraged the duo. As they grew older they learned more about fashion and began incorporating their own ideas and taste into the industry. While Sahar prefers subtle colours, Amana is a bit drawn towards the feminine side so their clients get the best of both worlds. However, one thing they have in common is that they are both into minimalistic designs. “We believe less is more and that’s the direction the world is heading towards. Gone are the days of red and pink sarees. It is the era of soft hues, pastel colours and intricate design work,” the sisters added. People are into cultural fusion these days with long gowns with tails, gararas, shararas etc being preferred over sarees and hence a lot of their creations revolve around the open-mindedness of the new generation. However, even with all of the progress, Sahar and Amana’s creations are plagued with a lack of trust from Bangladeshi customers. “A lot of the time, we see that people do not want to spend much on local designers. I guess, they feel like they don’t get their money’s worth. That can be really demotivating and upsetting because the quality of our products is just as good as those found abroad,” they lamented. But what is meant to shine can only be repressed for so long and their fanbase is growing with each day. More and more people are showcasing Sahar Rahman products abroad and coming back with overwhelming response. This is only the beginning of a long and prosperous road ahead.


Wedding Diary Bangladesh

A wedding photographer has one of the toughest jobs in the world. “A person will be trusting you with the biggest day of their life, that is far from easy,” says Prito Reza. Prito is one of the very first wedding photographers of Bangladesh and over the years has become one of the pivotal figures of the industry. “Obviously weddings are more extravagant these days and that has had a positive impact in the photography industry but it has also seen a rise in the number of photographers who are only in it for the fad. You need to have a genuine passion to be in the industry, you have to have commitment, dedication and most importantly a lot of respect for the profession. Otherwise you won’t last here,” he added. One needs to understand the importance of being well prepared because unlike other professions, you don’t get a chance to redeem yourself if you slip up. Once a moment is gone, it is gone. And so Prito had a few tips for aspiring photographers looking to make their names in the wedding photography industry. “You must have a wide lens and a prime lens. The budget is up to you but having them is a must. Also carry multiple memory cards and batteries. Most importantly, give your clients a good after sale service,” he stated. Prito also explained how they need to be more versatile now because people prefer wedding cinematography just as much as photography. “Cinematography is not just taking video footage and compiling it, it must have a story and make full use of technical aspects,” he added. The wedding photography is an ever evolving one: people are more interested in candid photos, cell phones are becoming more prominent and as mentioned earlier, the demand for cinematography is increasing. But no matter what the trend is, Prito is a visionary and will always find a way to stay relevant in the industry.