Mehruz Munir on his inspirations and thoughts behind Zurhem’s latest sherwani collection for the wedding season

If class, niche products, and customized ensembles are on the top of your list, then you shouldn’t be a stranger to Zurhem: the gem of a brand where young, hip and mature customers get introduced a bespoke sartorial journey. With its own parameters of bold tailor-made designs, attention to meticulous details, and the flawless craftsmanship delivered by Zurhem’s master tailors, one can be assured of quality. ICE Today Verve had the chance to meet the voguish man behind it all, Mehruz Munir the Creative Director and Co-founder of Zurhem.

In the midst of the wedding season, Zurhem has been busier than the last three years. This resulted in a collection consisting of suave wears like Sherwanis, Ethnic Vests and Bespoke suits designed by the man with the foresight. “New clients, mostly grooms, are coming to our new store in Banani. This surely indicates that Zurhem has grown and let’s just hope that it continues to grow”, he shares modestly.

In his own words, the inspiration for this year’s wedding collection came to him very organically. The opulent and grandeur architectures from places like Prague, Vienna, Budapest and, to some extent, Italy were the catalysts for the well-traveled man to come up with this year’s collection. “Those historic structures resonate with me whenever I visit them,” he adds.

Each of the intricately designed Sherwanis took four months to make. The ethnic wears were handwoven and embroidered with bold and exquisite designs to bring it to fruition by the team behind Zurhem’s exquisite collection. “I am really proud of this collection,” he continues to say, “I wanted to express how bold our royalties were when they wore Sherwanis,” he said with contentment. Even though Zurhem is known for its elegant Bespoke suits, the Sherwani collection knocked it out of the park with it’s over the top designs.

Mehruz believes that Bangladesh is going through a significant economic shift where people have more disposable income. He further added that this only encourages more business like his to open up and increase employment. “People are traveling more, they know more about fashion, they know what they want thanks to social media. A scenario like this did not exist a decade ago,” he stated.

Despite its young age, Bangladesh is catching up really fast with the rest of the world when it comes to fashion. According to him, more people understand the importance of uniqueness and fashion statement. He added that people nowadays want to buy something which is made for them and the Bespoke suit is one of them.

Not surprisingly, Zurhem’s Bespoke suits have become a personal preference to many in the season of the wedding in Bangladesh. Let it be for a fashion statement or self-awareness, citizens of Dhaka and other major cities are seen in Bespoke suits in socialite parties and weddings. Thus making the hands full of the Zurhem team members.

Mehruz Munir plans to go back to his roots of inspiration for his next collection. For his new followers, it means that his next anticipating ready-to-wear collection will comprise of lots of black, gold and military details. “Since we have already established our Bespoke market, we want to focus on our ready-to-wear collection,” he adds passionately.

For the soon-to-be-wed grooms, the Creative Director of Zurhem urges them to shake things up a bit. “It is your wedding. Be grand, be bold and be colorful. If your wife puts on a lot of work to look like a bride, you should reciprocate to look like a groom. It is your wedding too,” he concludes.

Wardrobe: Zurhem
Model: Nahid, Hasin
Photographs: Riyad Ashraf
Makeup & Hair: AURA Beauty Lounge