On November 16th, Don Sumdany Facilitation and Consultancy organized the largest public speaking session of the nation – “Twelve presents, Rise Above All- in association with Daily star at the KIB auditorium in Khamarbari. The session was open to the public and approximately 1500 corporates, young professionals and students were in attendance.

Ghulam Sumdany Don – Chief Inspirational officer of Don Sumdany Facilitation and consultancy opened the event with his wonderful speech on the “Secrets of Entrepreneurship”. The crowd was mesmerized and fully engaged by the line of diversified guest speakers gracing the stage at various times of the day.

The keynote speaker Deputy Education minister Mohibul Hassan Chowdhoury Nowfel MP quoted the father of the nation and said: “Sincerity of purpose and honesty of purpose is an integral part of anyone’s life“. He also handed over the lifetime achievement award of Abdul Monem – founder and managing director of Abdul Monem group to his elder son Mainuddin Monem.

Abdullah Hil Rakib, Managing Director of Team Groups said that satisfaction is happiness and implored us to follow our dreams. The crowd was in awe when Sonia Bashir Kabir shared her take on leaving an impact through entrepreneurship. Momin U Islam, Managing Director & CEO of IPDC, shared his story with us. He inspired the crowd by sharing with them the importance of perseverance. Success will come if you stick to your position and do not give up.

Nation’s beloved singer Habib Wahid was seen to enjoy his very rare public speaking session. He shared with us some key moments in his life and told us how passion and dreams played a big role in his life. Kamrul Hassan, Group CEO of Igloo spoke of the ups and downs of this 24 years of remarkable journey in the corporate world, he informed us about the importance of adaptability and flexibility. Emerging second-generation stars Pritom Hasan talked about taking risks and chances and Nuhash Humayun talked about how being different isn’t bad, sometimes it makes us unique.

Asif Saleh, Executive Director-BRAC, took the stage to share with us some of the key events in his journey. He shared how curiosity and interest can change one’s vision. Nusrat Faria shared the story of her journey with the crowd and advised us to convert our flaws into our strength by accepting who we are. Arifin Shuvoo talked about the struggles in his life and emphasized that true success is to rise above your own self.

The audience left the daylong event with thought-provoking insights and guidelines towards a better and brighter future. Attendees also relished the array of amazing food offered by various food partners namely- Tao Town, Pizza guy, BRGR people, and Tabaq. The event was powered by Master Card and co-sponsored by SHWAPNO and Igloo. The organizers announced that this one of a kind event will back again next year with full force.