“Dhaka Summer Runway 2019” recently showcased nine deshi designers and their summer collections at a five-star hotel on 18 July. Designers who took part in the show were Shahrukh Amin, Rukhsana Esrar Runi, Afsana Ferdousi, Jahanara Rahman, Rima Naz, Mehjabeen Mustafiz Simily, Ratna Gulzar, Zubaida Ahbab and Tasnuva Rashid.
The purpose of the event was to build a strong sense of high street fashion by blending tradition with contemporary styles.
ICE Today catches up with Tasnuva Rashid to know more about some of the themes she employed to bring out the best of her materials and styles at the show.

What was the name of your most recent show/collection?
This was the first show for Hoor and it was called ‘Summer Bouquet’.

How did the show go in your opinion?
It was a great honor to share the stage with such esteemed designers and to have Sadia Islam Mou walk the ramp for me as my ‘Power Woman’ for the show was the cherry on the top.

What was your collection for this show based on?
My collection was based on a floral theme – inspired by the essence of summer – each and every dress had something floral in it – either the print or the work. It was very soothing and subtle.

What inspired you for the designs?
The scorching summer heat & intense humid weather inspired me to work with very soothing colour palettes and light fabrics and neat work to keep the fashion quotient high without compromising on comfort.

Will these outfits be made available for Eid-ul-Adha?
Yes, all of these will be available for Eid-ul-Adha and we will also be offering colour customisations as per customer demand.

What new techniques or materials did you use in this collection?
I worked with a lot of muslin, chiffons and crepe silk this time. Besides, I have also worked on a premium cotton collection on the side – I have never used so much cotton before in my work – hoping that everyone loves it!

Name some challenges you had when producing these particular designs.

Since it was my first show, I was quite anxious if my clothes were dramatic enough for the ramp. Later I chose to stay true to my own self and design the clothes in unique patterns and cuts -which is my most favourite twist on
an outfit.