Do you even dumpling?

Meet the home delivery restaurant bringing you the best of China’s dumpling culture with the freshest produce and innovate recipes.

Ever since eating out became a national pastime, the number of eateries popping up around Dhaka has grown exponentially. However, with the ever deteriorating traffic situation, diners have opted to find a way to satiate their myriad food cravings without ever leaving the house. This phenomenon has given birth to many a restaurant that has decided to operate on a delivery basis only. This works well for both owner and customer as it keeps costs down, and has given rise to a booming food delivery service industry too.

Dumplings of Fury came about through a desire to give the foodies of Dhaka a taste of the 2000-year-old Chinese delicacy – the dumpling. Although people of this city are well familiar with the dish, there was a colossal difference between what was available and the original cuisine. Frequent travelers to China often anguished over the unavailability of authentic Chinese dumplings. The issue with dumplings is that they are extremely difficult to master. Making the perfect dumpling is more than just following a routine; it is an art has to be embedded in your very being in some way. It takes years of training and practice to master the perfect dough and is considered a great honor in China and East Asian countries to be able to do so.

The business model of Dumplings of Fury is built around quality and authenticity. According to the founders, investing a huge amount of money would have put pressure on the entire business so they have not set up a physical shop. If they had, they would have been forced to drive up the costs or compromise with the quality of the food, the latter being completely unacceptable.

Instead, they decided to stay an online store and concentrate only on the food. It paid off and helped Dumplings of Fury establish itself as the sole destination for the tastiest, most authentic dumpling joint in the country.

There are 14 unique tasting steaming hot dumplings to choose from the menu. Kalabhuna
Potsticker is the customer favorite, and for good reason. The dumpling is rich in the deshi
flavors of the original dish but works wonderfully as a dough-wrapped parcel. Each and every item in the menu has a unique appeal to people with varying tastes, with fried, steamed, prawn, chicken, and veggie options available. Along with Kalabhuna, Chicken Wrapped in Pak Choi and Beef Shumai are the most sought after flavors. The ingredients taste fresh, the dough perfectly formed and made with love.

It turns out to taste is not the only reason for having such a great customer base. Their food is prepared with extreme care and they are absolutely hygienic. Dumplings are known to be reasonably healthy food. Considering fat content, steamed dumplings are the best option. The quality of the filling can also affect the healthiness of the dumpling. Dumplings of Fury goes great lengths to ensure each dough is filled with healthiest possible goodness. The meat and fish are supplied by the most reliable vendors handpicked by the chef himself. Perhaps it is the underlying reason for the shop’s uneven customer demography. An overwhelming number of their clients are female. Women are more health conscious so they are more inclined to the healthier options offered by Dumplings of Fury.

Within a very short time Dumplings of Fury has made its place in Dhaka’s food scene. They have come along away from brainstorming ideas in a living room to selling out within a few hours. With the amount of competition, it is a no small feat to create such a demand for dumplings, a population obsessed with traditional western junk food. It’s an inspiring of a couple of friends who went against the tide to create a brand with a cult following.