Partex Furniture is the benchmark for exquisite interior

For the last two decades, Partex Furniture has been the premier furniture brand in Bangladesh. They have set the benchmark for quality and design among premium furnishing outlets. Bangladesh’s booming economy has ushered a new era of consumerism, demand for high quality and aesthetically pleasing furniture is now it a peak.

By offering premium quality at an affordable price, Partex has been able to capture a significant market share of the extremely competitive industry. Their commitment to using eco-friendly materials has been well received by millennial consumers. With an impressive R&D department, Partex has been continuously improving its quality and design. Consequently, they have conquered our living room, office, and industry.

*Photographs by Eivan Sardar

Asif Siddique Tarafdar is the Staff Writer of Ice Today& Ice Business Times. He has completed BSS in Economics from BRAC University and vocal about disability rights and inclusion. Currently, studying MDS at Jahangirnagar University he is also a former Flight Cadet of the Bangladesh Air Force.