The New Kingpin

Haval F7 has it all to rule the SUV world

After the cooperation with BMW entered a substantial stage last year, the GWM-Haval group signed a cooperation framework agreement with Brabus Group, the world’s largest and most famous personalized automotive manufacturer under Mercedes. Since Haval has completed the entire industrial chain layout of SUV, and its sales volume has hit the record height of 5 million vehicles, it becomes a top priority to enhance its brand power and overseas influence further. Haval released its globalization strategy in the world’s largest auto show, setting the goal to achieve the sales volume of 2 million per year in five years, to be the world’s No. 1 professional SUV brand, based on a strong technological $5B R&D strength. Haval’s global development roadmap has embodied the diligence and unstoppable rise of Chinese automobile brands. It has established eight technology R&D centers and five modeling centers in seven countries including China, Japan, Germany, the United States, South Korea, Austria, and India.

As a pioneer of Haval in the global market, Haval F7 under the flagship Haval F series, specially designed for young people, will become the first global car made by the Chinese brand in the true sense. It has formed a leading technological reserve in automobile engines, safety performance, intelligent voice, Internet of vehicles, automated driving, etc. Haval F7, the global strategic flagship designed and developed by Haval with superior global resources, was listed in the top of the best SUVs at the Shanghai Auto Show.

As the best car in Haval’s history, Haval F7 aims to rank among the global top 10 SUVs by 2023. The luxurious layout could pass for something from Range Rover, which is not all that surprising as former Land Rover design studio director Phil Simmons was appointed last year to head up Haval SUV design operations. Since its launch in China, Haval F7 has been selling like hot cakes with monthly sales of more than 10,000 vehicles in three consecutive months and shown strong market competitiveness. This achievement could not have been made without its trendsetting smart and beautiful styling, industry-leading AI intelligent interaction, rich and luxurious intelligent technology configuration, robust and comfortable intelligent driving control, unparalleled intelligent safety at the same level, and all-terrain adaptability that is comparable to the professional off-road SUVs. The F7 is a great leap forward from the H6 Coupe we get at the moment. Ace Autos, the exclusive distributor or GWM-Haval will launch this new model hopefully the end of next year. Along with F7, Haval’s Premium luxury brand WEY models will also be introduced to the Bangladeshi market by the distributor who is marketing Haval products since 2016.