The Toyota Rush is here to rule the world of SUVs

The biggest name in Bangladesh’s automobile market is back with another impressive machine. Toyota’s brand value is unmatched by any. Each and every vehicle the company has introduced has been a massive hit, conquering Dhaka’s challenging roads and abysmal traffic with style and comfort. So, when Toyota announced an all new SUV, enthusiasts across the country were waiting to be blown away. Toyota Rush has exceeded expectations and set a new benchmark for sport utility vehicles.

At first glance, its dazzling hood design is very enticing. It comes with four lines which create texture, making the car look muscular and sporty. Recently, we have seen so many utility vehicles compromised in appearance in a quest to provide more space. Toyota’s prioritizing on a muscular appearance for Rush is truly invigorating. The appearance is enhanced by LED headlights which aside from being brighter produces a much more penetrating, clearer quality of light. The bars in front are chrome-plated with a glossy finish which makes it attractive and eye-catching.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the vehicle is its interior. The T-shaped dashboard is immediately noticeable at the very first peek. Mounted on the dashboard is a 7-inch touchscreen with smartphone compatibility and easy navigation. The Rush is a true 7 seater with enough space for easily accommodating seven adults. The second row is designed with high visibility so that even a child is not deprived of the outside view during a journey. The headroom and legroom in each row are more than adequate with extra padding on the seats for more comfort. Toyota has tried to ensure every single person from the driver to the passenger in the back seat enjoys every moment of their journey. The intention is well executed by the dual rear A/C and power slot in every row seat.
Toyota Rush is powered by a 1.5L Dual VVT-I engine, it is remarkably fuel efficient and packs the power to ensure smooth uphill driving performance. Admirably, it has greater fuel efficiency at high speed. It is a Front-Engine, Real-Wheel drive which is a game changer for a sport utility vehicle like the Rush. It ensures better traction and weight distribution especially in hilly areas, where front-engine, front-wheel drive experiences wheel spin. With up to two feet high ground clearance and all-terrain capacity, Rush is a remarkably versatile vehicle.

Dhaka is infamous for its unsafe roads. It has one of the highest casualty rates from road accidents in the world. Toyota Rush brings state-of-the-art safety in SUV class. It ensures ASEAN NCAP 5 rating level safety. The rear is equipped with clearance sonar which detects obstacles and ensures extra passenger safety. They also come with 6 SRS airbags.

Rush is a complete SUV worthy of Toyota’s brand. With all the features, safety and aesthetics, it appears there is going be “rush” from the consumers to get their hands on it.

Asif Siddique Tarafdar is the Staff Writer of Ice Today& Ice Business Times. He has completed BSS in Economics from BRAC University and vocal about disability rights and inclusion. Currently, studying MDS at Jahangirnagar University he is also a former Flight Cadet of the Bangladesh Air Force.