It’s that time of the year again. Summer is starting to take its toll on us all. The soaring heat is draining the energy out of our lives. For me, summer means a fuzzy flowery feeling. I am one of those rare individuals who use talcum powder regularly in this season. The use of talcum powder has taken a back seat over the past few years and its benefits overlooked. Besides invoking nostalgia, talcum powder has some great uses.

Say bye bye to perspiration
Talcum powder can be used to absorb moisture and reduce friction. It minimizes sweat production which prevents fungal infection. Dry skin is necessary to prevent fungal infections and various skin related complications. If you run or exercise regularly during summer, you may experience chafing on your feet and sometimes on your inner thighs. It comes in very handy for those who sweat excessively. It keeps the body calm and cool. You can say goodbye to sweat odour and embrace the sweet smell of talc.

Maintain your luscious locks
Summertime brings bad hair days. Too much sweat in the body causes hair to become oily and greasy. Talcum powder can be used to eliminate the oil and grease from the hair. Sprinkling some on hair makes it appear dry and fresh.

Don’t deal with bedsores!
Talcum powder can be a solution to the painful and itchy bedsores. As it has anti-microbial and moisture absorbing characteristics, talcum powder can be used to treat the infection caused due to lying in a similar position for a long time. Applying helps in keeping the infected skin dry and free from moisture. It prevents infection from spreading to the other areas of the body. It also gives a cool feeling thus relieving the person from feeling itching or burning sensation. It helps to heal bedsores and other microbial infections completely.

Beauty without pain
Applying talcum powder can ease redness and rashes from waxing. As the powder is a great absorbent of moisture, it allows the wax to work better.