Prayer Hall

Once upon a time, a man saw a dream that people come to a place to pray. In that dream, the place was made by Imam Hussain (the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad). From devotion and love, he made the concrete reality of that dream about 400 years ago. The images are the reflection of the present condition of that dream.

According to legend, Mir Murad, in charge of the naval force in the time of Sultan Muhammad Azam had a vision of Imam Hussain erecting a ‘Taziah khannah’ or house of mourning which led to the construction of Hussein e Dalan. It was originally built during the Subedari of Prince Shah Shuja (r. 1639–1647 and 1652–1660), son of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

Secularism had existed then and now faith prevails.