Patterns and Pastels

We speak to designer, Moushumi Kabir, who expounds the need for a greater selection of bridal and occasion wear in Bangladesh.

“Jada”, a word that describes a special type of women, A one of a kind women unlike anyone else. Smart, beautiful, confident. That is what Jada is.

When did you start Jada?
I’ve been thinking of starting something like Jada forever. I officially established Jada right after returning from England after getting my degree in 2016.

What was your inspiration?
Everything in the world emboldens me to design, from nature to the sky. All the brilliant designers around the world along with the designers from Bangladesh are my inspiration as well. However, all my designs are mostly bridal. I came up with the idea because of the lack of wedding outfit designers in Bangladesh. Very few good designers make bridal attire in Bangladesh, and most of them import wedding gowns from abroad like India. The shopping for my wedding was a big disappointment for me which inspired me more to open Jada.

Do you have a signature style?
I enjoy experimenting with colors the most, and taking people out of traditional color palettes for wedding outfits excites me the most. I consider stitching fusion outfits as my signature style.

What is your mission?
My mission is to provide the right attire to my patrons, a perfect look that will last for all eternity. As a designer, it is my belief that any woman who desires herself to be exceptional will also choose a unique attire to set the tone for her special day. Each one of my designs incorporates a touch of Bengali tradition with a mixture of exquisite craftsmanship and hand embroideries, to produce the most magnificent design to truly make it a special day for the bride to be.

How do you ensure your designs are different from other boutiques?
My designs cover a diverse range of colors – sorbet pastels to ultramarine blue. We pride ourselves for working with a collection of different fabrics which allows us to stand out from everyone else. My collection includes fabrics such as muslin, bonded satin, metallic velvet, chainmail, metallic lame, tambour lace featuring pure handiwork, resham work, exquisite embroidery with the touch of zardozi and sequencing work, and many more, all used in an electrifyingly amazing manner.

What have you got in mind for this Eid collection?
For this Eid, my collection will include vintage style attire with exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful embellishments. The name of my collection is “white rose”, and according to the name I have mostly used white deshi fabrics. White color symbolizes beauty, and hopefully, everyone will like my Eid collection.