MINISO has taken the world by storm. In a world where physical stores are dying due to the surge in e-commerce, MINISO is thriving. It is expanding exponentially globally and has loyal customers in every country it operates. A closer look at the hype reveals the inherent secret to success, the gainful union between the demand for quality products with minimalist design and a brand which is based on the philosophy of “Simplicity, Nature and Good quality”.

MINISO is a lifestyle brand which has turned everyday objects into aesthetically pleasing showpieces. Each and every product is simply styled with a minimalistic approach at the same time ensuring premium quality. Visiting a MINISO outlet is like embarking on an adventure in a treasure trove. Their art of display is mesmerizing enticing a sense of adventure. New products take the shelf regularly; the thriving range of uniquely designed products even surprises the frequent visitor.

MINISO works with designers around the world to make shopping more enjoyable and visually pleasing. Perhaps the most remarkable feature of MINISO is the affordability of its products. With an amazing range, MINISO covers your necessities from A toZ. Competitive pricing facilitates high turnover which provides the company economic efficiency. Their commitment to facilitating real lifestyle which is healthier and more fulfilling instead of commercializing everyday objects has given them enormous success. With their unique business model, remarkable product design and unparalleled shopping experience, MINISO is a truly a retail experience ahead of its time.

MINISO is in overdrive in Bangladesh. Consumers of our country have been left enchanted by MINISO’s unique product design and phenomenal customer service. The visually attractive outlets and artistically impressive decorations have customers flocking in from all parts of Dhaka. MINISO’s in store customer service has helped it to acquire a loyal customer base. In a short time, MINISO has established itself as one the most favorite brands in the country, its influence will only grow stronger in future.

Air Freshners
Tk 499+
Tk 899+
Coin Purse
Tk 299++


DIY Beauty Kit
Tk 399++
Tk 299++
Tk 999+
Glass Bottle
Tk 399++
Handled Fans
Tk 1399++
Ink Pen
3pack 299++
Tk 179++
Kids Watch
Tk 399++
Tk 1099++
Tk 2499++
Makeup lipliner
Tk 399++
Tk 699++
Tk 299++
Tk 499++
Portable Speakers
Tk 2699++
Quick Charge Cable
Tk 299++
Retractable Massager foot massage
Tk 219++
Neck roller
Tk 299++
Back massage
Tk 219++
Tk 499++
Tk 1199++
Umbrella 699
Tk ++
Vacuum Bottles
Tk 899++
Tk 299++
Xercise Equips
Tk 299++
Tk 899++
Yoga Mats
Tk 1299++
Zip Lock Bags cosmetics bag
Tk 299++