The Recipe for a Disastrous Entrepreneur

We often hear the word ‘entrepreneur’, but do we know the real definition of the word? After years of personal experience in coaching and corporate training, I’ve discovered that different people have different concepts of being an entrepreneur. When I tried to take a close look, I found that there are few characteristics that an entrepreneur should never have. Some of these traits are so rooted in one’s self that it becomes very difficult to break through from them. So if someone has these character traits, it won’t be easy to be an entrepreneur.

Lack of Patience: Patience is the key to success. No one gets where they want to be overnight. If someone cannot stay patient while the process of success takes its time, then they should not consider being an entrepreneur. Always remember, all good things come to those who wait.

Demanding Perfection all the Time: Perfection is a myth. Nothing can be picture perfect even if you try with your heart and soul. People who always stress over getting everything done perfectly can never be happy with their work. An entrepreneur must be happy with his work or else how will he motivate others around him to do the same?

Being a Boss not a Leader: There is a thin line between being a boss and being a leader. Not many people can tell the difference. A boss tells you how to do it, but a leader shows you how to do it. A boss takes credit but a leader gives credit.

Taking Criticism to Heart: Criticisms can be difficult to deal with. Especially when it is about something that you have passionately worked on for a long time. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must realize that the noise surrounding you can’t be your distraction. You must develop a thick skin and learn to filter out constructive criticism from destructive criticism.

Not Walking the Talk: One of my most favorite quotes of all time is, “An idea without execution is just a delusion”. This is an important aspect of being an entrepreneur because if you can’t follow through with what you say then none of your ideas will turn into reality. So if you don’t walk the talk then walk away from the dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Micro-management: Business is about being smart. Trying to control every small issue in your business will not be productive at all. One of my close friends and the founder of KITC, Mr. Mike Kazi, once shared a piece of important advice with me regarding micro management. He told me that the key to success in business is learning how to prioritize. One must know how to get everything done without getting involved in everything.
Success can be found in many different sectors. We often only consider an entrepreneur as the yardstick of success. But if you inherently don’t possess these attributes then you should perhaps start looking for other career options that might help you build your success story. However, the good news is, if you really wish to become an entrepreneur then working on yourself and eliminating these attributes from your characteristics will help your dream come true.