Bangladesh has made drastic movements in the healthcare sector reaching the millennium development goals well ahead of schedule. With its sights firmly set on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the government is encouraging both the public and private sectors to improve their services. Thyrocare is a name that resonates in the private sector and they are at the forefront of much of the development and innovation which the healthcare sector has achieved. Starting their journey in 2014, Thyrocare Bangladesh completely revolutionized healthcare bringing in its international standards. The fully automated 10,000 sft. the lab located at Confidence Center, Shahzadpur, Gulshan boasts all the technological advancements of any world-class facilities thereby keeping up with their counterparts in India, Thailand, Malaysia, Dubai, and Bahrain. Thyrocare seeks to bring quality healthcare services to everyone’s doorsteps at an affordable price. ICE Today caught up with Sohail Humayun, their Managing Director to get to know more about this venture.

Vision and Mission
The vision of Thyrocare is to serve 50% of Bangladesh’s population, 50% of their diagnostic needs at 50% of the costs. Their mission is to ensure that Bangladeshi patients receive the right value for their money. Thyrocare provides a plethora of tests at an affordable price range that includes thyroid, lipid, renal, cardiac, infertility tests as well as vitamin profile and so on. “We have field officers scattered all across the country who collect blood samples directly from the patient’s home or collection centers and then send it to the Central Processing Labs”, explained Humayun. “The samples are transported in chiller boxes so that no damage is done to them”, he added. Furthermore, these samples are completely barcoded making it completely immune to any kind of errors. Their top-notch technology ensures quick and accurate results.

Sohail Humayun
Managing Director
Thyrocare Bangladesh Limited

A class apart from the rest
Thyrocare’s international pedigree means that Thyrocare Bangladesh goes through a stringent quality control measure to ensure that their services are consistent with their foreign counterparts. Their laboratories are equipped with top of the line diagnostic machineries from Europe and the US. Thyrocare Bangladesh takes a preventive care approach towards their patients to ensure that any threats of any diseases can be detected and prevented as early as possible through internationally accepted gold standard test methods like the CLIA, ELISA, HPLC, etc. The best part is that you can avail all of their services from the comforts of your home with their field officers showing up at your doorsteps to collect your samples and then delivering the results. Furthermore, they have in-house doctors who offer their expertise and help patients identify help problems and provide them with suitable solutions through consultancy. They also have a 24X7 call center through which anyone can request for their services. This combination of hi-tech machines and highly trained professional is enough to make Thyrocare stand out but they go the extra mile. To ensure that no stones are left unturned when it comes to our healthcare, Thyrocare Bangladesh Limited has been recognized by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), USA. This means that all of their test results are consistent with the most elite medical facilities across the globe. “This is a continuous procedure and CAP regularly sends us samples to see whether or not our results match theirs. The benefit of this certification is that our patients will not have to repeat any tests when they go abroad for any kind of treatment. This saves a lot of precious time and resources”, explained Humayun. Their efforts and services have seen Thyrocare spread across 45 districts and boast 1080 corporate clients. They have also gained the praises of former US Ambassador to Bangladesh, Dan Mozena who visited their facilities.

Giving back to the community and the future
Thyrocare is a Green laboratory and has its own wastewater treatment plant. They observe days such as World Diabetes Day, World Osteoporosis Day, Women’s Day and so on to raise awareness for common health problems and their screening processes in order to ensure early detection. “We regularly take parts in expos and seminar to spread awareness about non-communicable diseases. We also regularly set up Park Health Screening Awareness and Activation Programs where we provide free health checkups”, added Humayun. They have also recently introduced Genetics and Molecular screening tests for different types of cancer and they plan on expanding and extending their services to all the parts of the country at the lowest possible cost.

In his closing statements, Humayun expressed his gratitude to the present government stating how their encouragement and the implementation of the law has helped Bangladesh’s healthcare sector to reach world-class standards. Their constant regulations have also enabled Thyrocare Bangladesh Limited to reach newer heights. “With their help and support, Thyrocare Bangladesh will continue to thrive and promote an atmosphere where everyone can access world-class healthcare services. We are only a phone call away from serving all your medical needs”, stated Humayun.

You can contact Thyrocare during any hour of the day at 01764403959