Get the same look

Novastudio Production presents a new section “get the same look” which is about hot trends straightly from the runway or from fashionistas style influence.

By Nikol Buiakova

A luxury trendy style of clothing can be affordable for everyone and Nova Team decided to show how to get the look which is made of luxury brands to absolutely similar, but less priced fast fashion!


Pajama style
Whether you like your personal style to be reflected in your pajamas, or you’re just looking for something cozy to sleep in, creating a fashion statement out of your nighttime routine is an up-and-coming trend.

Fashionista or not, who can say no to being comfortable and stylish while going to work, school or a even a date?

This simple question has led fashion designers and entrepreneurs to capitalize on a consumer’s desire to be comfy wherever they go.

Pajamas, Pyjamas, PJs, or whatever name you have chosen for sleepwear, have been a trend on the rise for a long time – a decade or more – and continues to make its way to the forefront of fashion. Whether you have adopted this trend, are going to, or are just not feeling it, that’s all okay!

The greatest thing about trends is that you can pick and choose what you want to adopt into your personal style without having any pressure to do so. Sleepwear style is easy to follow, fun to style, and effortless to adopt, considering the fact that we all have pajamas and it is possible to mix it with all types of shoes: from casual slippers to high heels!

Power suits
Power suits are 2019’s Favorite way to dress up. It is the absolutely perfect nod to your power-pose, closet edition.

This suit can make you feel like you are truly the captain of your own destiny and that only you can get in the way of what you set forth to accomplish. It’s like a battery pack that helps to walk a little straighter, have more confidence, and believe that you can change the world if you wanted to.

With the rise of Instagram fashion, we’re able to see more than ever what people from all over are wearing.

What we love about 2019’s power suits is their ability to give us options both in terms of form, and function. We can wear a power suit not only to the office, but to a brunch at a friend’s apartment. It can be made with types of tissues, even silk. So we can wear a power suit also to a wedding or a first date.

The variety of power suits is huge and each woman definitely can find her own unique style with this trend!

P.S. All pictures from Mass Market looks were made in Bangladesh.
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