Cheesy Chronicles

Irfan Aziz checks out the latest pizza craze in town and has a chat with the co-owner, Adnan Khan, to know what the joint has got on the cards for the future

Cheez is the latest pizza sensation in town. An initiative by the ever-popular burger joint Madchef, Cheez has rejuvenated the pizza scene here in Dhaka by introducing a selection of gourmet pizzas which we have never heard of before. That’s not all though, another thing that truly sets them apart is the fact that they deliver pizza till four in the morning. Our midnight pizza prayers have finally been answered. However, after going to the place and speaking to Adnan Khan, one of the co-owners, we found out that Cheez is in fact not just another pizza place but a restaurant that will solely be dedicated to all things cheese.
“Pizza is only the starting point. We will be introducing pastas, cheesecakes, cheesy fries, and even cheesy tea soon”, Adnan explained. All of the cheese that they use is imported and they even use Kissan cheese (not generally used in pizza) to make their pizza truly stand out. Their gourmet menu includes the likes of The 4 Cheez, Nagatastic BBQ, The Kala Bhuna, Spicy Shorisha etc. which are all the brainchild of Labib Tarafder (one of the minds that brought to us Mad Chef). Let’s just say our taste buds were getting impatient.

The Highlights
We were treated to four different kinds of pizzas, The 4 Cheez, The Thai Pie, The Pepperonia (because no pepperoni, no party!) and Chicken Alfredo. Let’s start with The 4 Cheez which is without a doubt the most unique pizza you will ever taste. The kissan cheese adds so much depth to the flavor and the presence of crispy strips of bacon is the icing on top. A must try for any cheese lovers as the cornucopia of flavors will transport you directly cheese heaven. The Thai Pie as the name suggests contains elements of minced basil chicken and shrimps which really diversifies the taste. The basil adds a hint of freshness which perfectly contrasts the spicy shrimps and the savory-sweet chicken. Moving on to the Chicken Alfredo which combines two fan-favorite Italian dishes into one. Enjoy the nuances of the succulent creamy white sauce combined with chicken on a crispy base made of pizza dough. Mamma mia! No pizza adventure is complete without pepperoni pizza. I have a love-hate relationship with Dhaka’s iteration of pepperoni pizza, most places tend to make it too crispy (and even burn it in some cases). However, much to my delight, Cheez’ use of pepperoni is exquisite and the pizza sauce adds a joyful flavor to it. Overall, Cheez probably offers one of the best pizza experiences in town!

*Photographs by AL Rashed