Autumn/ Winter 2019

Menswear brand Rahemur Rahman is redefining what it means for fashion to be “made in Bangladesh”, by using design to reinterpret and retell stories of South Asian identity.
The emerging Bangladeshi, London-born designer blends history and tradition with fantasy, playing with patterns and texture to create distinctive pieces “for the people who dream in colour”.

Rahemur Rahman’s debut Autumn/Winter 2019 presentation brings together two of the designer’s first creative influences: his father’s love for tailoring, and his mother’s yearning for the culture and community of her home country, both of which have informed Rahman’s use of clothing as a means to express and explore identity.

The collection – in part inspired by old photos of his family in ‘90s London – was produced in the city, and draws on the eclectic vibrancy of its Tower Hamlets borough, where he was raised. Textiles used have been hand-woven ethically and sustainably in Bangladesh, utilising natural dyes and a traditional Bangladeshi method, as Rahman seeks to sustain and celebrate the craft in a bold, forward-looking way – connecting cultures and people through fashion.