*Mahmood Hossain dissects the current stage of Zayn Malik’s style evolution

The 26-year-old pop star is an artist that I admittedly hate to love. The former One Direction member was a rebel waiting to burst into his own image of expression. Zain Javadd “Zayn” Malik has a countless number of tattoos and a supermodel girlfriend (Gigi Hadid) – not to mention her eyes tatted on his chest. His creative energy is brilliantly summed up in his personal style and selection of wardrobes. While the media can take their time on figuring out if those two are still together or not, we’ll try breaking down Zayn’s unique and attractive style choices.

Gone are the days of his clean-cut, trendy looks of a boyband and onto his edgy solo career. One thing is for sure: he’s a wild kid that always manages to dress appropriately for the occasion. He’s arguably this generation’s David Beckham; a young British style icon to leave a lasting mark in men’s fashion.

The Mane
As of late, he’s managed to keep his sides at a zero or one, leaving at the top of his head plenty of hair to mess around with. Not only is this the more preferred style of hairdo for 20 somethings nowadays, Zayn keeps his hair manageable as his outfits change from casual to more formal.

Red carpet
This comes quite simple for Malik. As all-black is the safer choice for more formal occasions, he makes it seem ridiculously dangerous. While he’s been seen in various coloured suits worn at many different events, this young stud makes things look even easier when it comes to wearing black.

Off the clock
Whether he’s walking out of a hotel, side-by-side with his lady-love (or not) or hopping in and out of the studio, Zayn’s choice looks have always revolved around layering. Hoodies are a must, especially in colder climates, that are usually topped off with a bomber jacket or the many leather motorcycle jackets that he’s got lying around his closet.

On Stage
The ‘RocknRolla’ version of Zayn is absolutely impeccable. Be it a concert in a sold-out stadium or on The Tonight Show, he’s rocked that leather and boots combo to perfection. Let’s not forget his choice to put on inked full-sleeves and distressed ripped jeans.

Smaller details
Zayn has never shied away from accessorizing. No matter the occasion, the dude loves his rings, chains, bracelets and select choices for his piercings. The Rockstar persona won’t be leaving this Bradford-born lad anytime soon.

Mahmood Hossain is Assistant Editor at ICE Today. He has a passion for film, the love of fashion and is a social media MVP. Follow him: @moodyvintage