*ICE Today takes a closer look at Dhaka’s burgeoning food blogging scene

In our September issue, we featured some of Dhaka’s most influential fashion bloggers. This time, we look at how social media has created a community of foodies who use their love and passion for food, photography, writing and cooking to fuel a blossoming industry in Bangladesh.

Shababa Suzana aka @fatduck 21
Shabab Suzana is the genius behind the instagram account @fatduck21. She shares her passion for cooking through social media.

“It feels really good to see people talk about food, invest time in verifying flavours and textures, and most importantly, people showing love and interest towards having their taste buds explored. I see a food revolution coming, I love it, and i’d like to see more of it.”

Farhina Tahrim Hasan aka @tahrimeats
Initially, Tahrim wanted to become a YouTuber.

“I really wanted to start my own cooking channel but I didn’t really have the means to buy the big cameras or a fancy kitchen. I had so many photos of food on my phone, so one day I thought I could become a blogger. I started in June and the response has been amazing so far”, Tahrim explained.
She hopes that her passion can eventually lead to something even bigger.

Mahbub Joy aka @bespokefoodye
The in-depth and vivid descriptions of Mahbub Joy, better known at bespokefoodye will allow you to contemplate the taste of food without actually having to taste it.

“I started writing captions for my photos in 2017 for which I had to do a lot of research. Trying to place each flavour and fragrance in a dish opened up a door in a new world for me. A world in which flavors, spices, fragrance are elements like air, water. The infinite possibilities of flavors and tastes made me curious and it inspired me to write food blogs.”

Lit.eat is a profile operated by three friends who share a love for trying out new food places in town. The main driving force behind their journey was the millennial impulse to be adventurous in their food habits.

“Cities are booming with newer restaurants and people find it difficult to choose where to invest their hard-earned money. This is when they can seek the help of a good food blogger. We definitely think the future in food blogging is promising if we work hard on increasing potency and expertise in this field.”

Juneyna Kabir aka @juneynabanana
A journalista with a wicked knack to try out new food, Juneynabanana just recently entered the scene but is already turning heads with her enchanting feed.

“I experiment with food all the time- trying recipes from cuisines I’m not familiar with like Mexican (and I mean real Mexican not Tex Mex) or Persian or Goan and the most fun part is finding Bangladesh alternatives for foreign ingredients and seeing how the dish turns out. Sometimes I also do reviews because I really appreciate when Dhaka restaurants are adventurous and thoughtful about their food and so deserve a special mention”

Another profile seeking to thrill audiences with their eloquent reviews and aesthetic photos, Thehungrytrinity is also a trio of friends with the zest for good food.

“It’s amazing how we get to share our passion and opinions with our audiences so easily. The fact that we also somewhat get to make their lives easier in the process is just the frosting on the cake. We simply love how genuine and authentic the community is. Social media is really changing the landscape of the food industry and promoting an honest environment.”