Let’s Go Camping

Camping during winter time is sheer bliss. Yes, granted that temperatures are low but there are no pesky bugs to bother you and things can’t get more peaceful than that. Besides moving about is soothing when you are free from the scorching heat. So, to all the adventurous souls looking to explore mother nature, this is an ideal time as any to do so. But camping is easier said than done and there are staples which you must bring with you during any trip, lucky for us, Trip Mate will fulfill all your needs and we have listed down a few must-haves:

ONNIGHT 50 Headlamp
BDT 750

Nepali Waist Bag
BDT 500

Folding Tripod Chair
BDT 1,500

QUECHUA 30 Hiking backpack
BDT 2,500

QUECHUA Camping Tent
BDT 5,500

North Face Jacket
BDT 4,000

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2nd Floor, 61, Capital Super Market,
Farmgate, Dhaka