La Vie en rose


The Story
Edith is a curious name for a cafe. At first you may be unsure how to pronounce it – is it Ee-dith? Is it Eh-dith? Ultimately it begs the question – who is Edith? I was initially of the assumption that it was a special lady friend of the owner’s, a young chemistry graduate turned foodtrepreneur named Arbab Musa. Upon inquiry I came to learn that it is in fact named after the famous French singer, Edith Piaf. The fact that she is the namesake of the restaurant is apparent as you walk through the door and hear her mellifluous voice singing you “Le Vie en Rose”. Commemorating Ms. Piaf and her contribution to French culture at Edith makes even more sense when you realise that you have now entered a cafe on Champs Elysees.

The Ambiance
Upon entering Edith, your mind will immediately be captivated by its chic vintage decor. It is as if you have just entered a French patisserie from the 1950’s. From the pastel walls to the wooden floors to the rustic doors, the chandeliers and even the music. Edith’s attempt to pay homage to timeless French elegance is truly praiseworthy. And the decor isn’t even the best part. If you walk towards the counter, you will be greeted by Edith’s whimsical and majestic creations- the assortment of baked goods that appeal to all the senses. The aesthetics of all the macaroons being organised according to colour and flavour particularly stands out.

Photographs by Tutul Nesar

The Highlights
Edith offers a varied range of teas and pastries, the most beautiful of which is the Rose & Roselle tea and most tempting of which are the chocolate profiteroles. The tea is a light pink, highly Instagrammable shade and carries a naturally sweet taste, all made possible by the rose hips and stevia leaves imported from China. A small pot is 280 BDT and large is 540 BDT. It comes with a tea light which keeps it warm throughout your stay.

Croque Madame

The choux pastry on the profiteroles is perfect, making the pastry a splendid little cloud of cream and dough. At 250 BDT they are a little hard on the wallet, but treat yourself sometimes. Among the pastries the Peanut Danube (170 BDT) is chocolate decadence on a plate. And of course, the macarons at 100 BDT each are a must-try. These dainty treats will charm you with its vibrant hues and creamy fillings.

Pepper Caprese

The sandwiches at Edith are one of their strongest suits, all of which are made with a homemade brioche bread which contributes that tiniest bit of sweetness to the whole dish. The Croque Madame at 625 BDT comes with a fried egg and layers of yummy smoked chicken and cheese which makes for a filling meal. There is, however, something to be said about the fries that come with the sandwich. They are far from the skinny, insipid things that are served at other restaurants and have a rich, umami flavour. So when the server asks if you want salad or fries – you know what the answer is!

There is a reason why Edith is the talk of the town at the moment. Both the ambience and the food items make for an experience unlike any place else. Simply put, Edith is a place which you must try out as soon as possible!

*Juneyna Kabir and Irfan Aziz explore the nuances of French cuisine at Edith