Food For Thought


Ghulam Sumdany Don serves a quick fix of energy boosters for a busy work life.

With the intense and hectic lifestyle that we all have, sometimes it becomes a bit too difficult to live to our fullest potential. Even if we want to be productive, our body sometimes does not co-operate with us. And the biggest reason behind that is our eating habits. Food should be our fuel. But we often eat things that hinder our productivity rather than charging us up. So today, I have listed down several food items that you must eat to keep your productivity level at top.

Nuts: Known for being a source of good fat, nuts keep the mind active. In addition, the likes of almonds, cashew, peanuts also help keep our blood sugar level nice and steady.

Dark chocolate: Dark chocolote not only satisfies the sweet tooth but also improves our focus. The caffeine content in dark chocolate will also allow us to feel energised throughout the day.

Spinach: Yes, Popeye was correct. Spinach will give you the necessary nutrition to be on top of your game at all times. Extremely rich in nutrients, adding a bit of spinach to your lunch will go a long way.

Coffee: Coffee contains a large dose of dopamine, which is known to boost our mood. It also contains caffeine which as mentioned earlier, energises us.

Bananas: Glucose produces energy in our body. And bananas are a great source of glucose. One single banana holds the daily required amount of glucose your body needs. It is also quite simple to eat.

Tomato: Tomatoes have immense nutritional value to increase your mental focus and productivity. This food item (maybe vegetable or fruit, or both, let’s not get into that debate) contains Lycopene, which is known to destroy toxic, disease promoting cells in our body.