Taking it to the streets

Focusing mainly on Street photography this time, Principal of Chhaya Institute of Communication and Photography, Din Muhammad Shibly, enlightened the crowd full of eagerness with a piece of his mind. This was the Institute’s seventh segment on photography. The workshop took place at the main campus of American International University Bangladesh, with Ice Today being the Media partner and Manfrotto being the supporting partner, assisted by SS Camera and Photography as the event documentary partner. It was hosted by AIUB Photography club.

Shibly started the orientation by introducing the attendees to photography to give them a better idea and understanding on the subject. He then moved onto and solely focused on street photography and what one is required to do in order to take the perfect photo. He talked about some of the many master photographers who specialize in street photography and afterwards showcased their work to the people in the audience to assist them with learning. Some of the photographers include Eugene Atget, Henri Cartier, Bresson, Raghu Rai, Alex Webb respectively. Shibly remained straightforward and stayed on topic for the rest of the session, which lasted for 4 hours. After it ended, the listeners had their take on the seminar by stating their opinions and thoughts in an interactive question-answer session. All in all, these workshops always prove to be nothing but helpful for people, especially the ones who are interested in photography and are planning to do something related to photography in the future. Din Muhammad Shibly has been working consistently in this field for more than 16 years, and there are very few who are sincere and as passionate as him when it comes to photography.

Photographs by Din M. Shibly