A Beautiful AURA

They say that beauty is like a garden that must always be maintained and taken care of every now and then. With the hustle and bustle of work life, taking care of ourselves can become difficult from time to time.. That is where Beauty experts and beauty parlors come in. Now most people think that a beauty parlour’s only job is to make one look beautiful. But it does much more than just that. It also makes you feel good about yourself. This is what Aura Beauty Lounge is all about, helping people rediscover and appreciate themselves while also making them look flawlessly beautiful. Ice Today got the opportunity to sit down with Nishat Adnan Tariq, the director of Aura to learn more about the exciting prospects of the beauty industry.

Nishat Adnan Tariq
Aura Beauty Lounge

When was Aura Beauty Lounge established? And are you looking to expand?
It was established back in October 2014. We currently have one branch, which is in New Baily Road, but we are definitely hoping to expand in the future. Our business is still very new; therefore, we’re currently focusing on achieving customer satisfaction by providing the best service to the customers. In the long run, however, we are definitely hoping to open more branches.

Photographs from Aura Beauty Lounge

What inspired you to open a beauty lounge?
I used to work for Grameenphone after I was done pursuing my higher education. I always wanted to do something that will empower women and that is when we got the idea of opening a beauty parlor. Ever since then, things have been working out really well for the business.

What are the benefits and challenges of running a parlor?
The feedback that we get from the customers would definitely be one of the benefits. The positive ones really motivate us to keep working harder in order to achieve success. They boost our morale.

On the other hand, the competitiveness of this industry is one of the challenges. You really have to work day and night to be better than the competitors, especially against the well-known parlors. All in all, I am glad to admit that we are one of the parlors that constantly keeps improving with each day and are really beginning to stand out from other places.

What time of the year is usually the busiest for the lounge?
Winter is usually the busiest time of the year for us since there are many weddings that take place. Monsoon season, which is usually the time for Eid and other important festivals of our country, is also a time of the year when we’re very wrapped up with work. We are also somewhat engaged during spring.

Is there something that you’re planning to introduce to the parlor in the future?
We are definitely planning to implement new ideas for the business in the future and achieving nothing but success from it. There are a lot of projects in the pipeline and you will be hearing about it soon.

Can you talk about a memorable moment or an achievement that you’re extremely proud of?
Whenever the customers hug me and tell me about how much they appreciate the work being done here, it’s a moment of joy for all of us. We always aim for customer satisfaction and try and provide our customers with the best form of service and facilities that we can offer. Doing that has its advantages since it always leads to a positive outcome. We end up having loyal customers. Even if the number of customers is not the number that we aim for, we still try our best to make sure that they feel the greatest that they’ve ever felt and believed in developing a long-lasting relationship of trust and commitment with them.
On the other hand, the awards that we have won over the years is something that I’m really proud of. It really keeps us motivated all the time. We hope to win more awards solely through hard work and dedication in the future.