From cult followings of the Craft to The Lost Boys, Hollywood has glamorized our darkest and most mischievous imagination surrounding horror and thrillers. Solicitation of sorcery and an unrelenting obsession with immortality inspires the fantasies we’ve been exposed to over the decades. This Halloween is no exception. We’ve decided to draw inspiration from a darker, mysterious corner of a more roguish nature. Slightly hidden behind sunglasses from Shades, the allure of such a look can take you beyond the 31st of October.

Photographer: Sakib Muhtasim
Concept & Text: Mahmood Hossain
Styling & Coordination: Juneyna Kabir
Sunglasses: Shades
Makeup & Hair: Aura Beauty Lounge
Models: PJ, Sameena, Mudassir, Amiya, Fahad, Mousum