Foodies’ Voice: Iffybiffys

The second episode of Foodies’ Voice featured Ifreet Taheea known in social media as Iffybiffys. Iffybiffys actually started off as a recipe sharing platform back in 2014 but Ifreet was too shy to talk about it to her friends and family.

Photograph taken from Iffybiffys instagram

Later in 2017 when she moved to Dhaka and got exposed to the food scene here, iffybiffys got a revamp and turned into a feed where she would rant and gush about the diverse dishes she has from day to day.

Ifreet’s feed is filled with amazing photos and wholesome reviews so do make sure to give her a follow on Instagram and don’t forget to tune in to our podcast where our very own Mahmood Hossain aka Moody vintage has an intriguing conversation with her.

Photos taken from Iffybiffys Instagram