All the treats at Jerry Bees

Jerry Bees has been creating quite the buzz in Dhaka’s food scene. From a plethora of pastries and cakes to all day breakfast, it is a one stop hub to meet both your sweet and savoury cravings. Located in the heart of Uttara, foodies from all around Dhaka come here to check their stuff out and ICE Today had to see what all the hype was about.

Upon entering you are greeted by the most delightful open air sitting area which has a very vintage and romantic vibe about it. The interior is just as fascinating, comprised of a combination of pink and light turquoise which will instantly make it your go-to happy place. But the real shining star of Jerry Bees is its delectable food items. 

Whether you prefer sweet or savoury, Jerry Bees has something for everyone and if you are a cheese lover than this will become your sanctuary. For sweet items, they have a world of cakes and pastries to choose from, if you want something a little less sweet, maybe go for one of their succulent crepes which come with an array of sides to choose from. 

For savoury, don’t even get us started. Their Lasagna is as sublime as they come and their pizza will leave you wanting more. They even have innovations like the Crepe cheese burger, old school favourites like pasta and BBQ wings to keep things interesting. 

Speaking of Wings! Hashtag Delish collaborated with Jerry Bees to host a wing-eating competition or a Wing-off if we may starring the amazing Fahad Khan and Mehzabin Aurna. Check it out!