One thing most of us have in common is the thought of getting in shape. Sure, almost anyone and everyone wouldn’t mind being fit, and this is mostly because it doesn’t just make you look good, it makes you feel good too. It usually encourages a positive attitude, and that’s something no one would not want in their lives. However, not everyone has the time to join a gym. Many have jobs, class work and even plans with friends, and after a long week of constantly working, people might as well binge on Netflix than going to a gym. But maybe there is a way to make two friends with one gift, watch Brooklyn Nine Nine and enjoy the feeling of being in shape without having to leave your home. And not so surprisingly, there is a way! Here are a few of the many YouTube fitness channels that you could check out if you want to start working out.


This channel prioritises almost anything and everything when it comes to fitness. They make top trainers deliver the workouts and consist of videos for all sorts of things, whether it’s for preventing injuries or losing weight. Their videos are as short as a minute or longer than half an hour. In order to help people even more, they create recipes and make food full of nutrients and provide their fans with the information so that they could make them too. Secondly, they make videos where they provide both the benefits and drawbacks of certain types of food. They also sell supplements and video courses that people could get access to for paying a certain amount. For more information, visit their website: www.befit.com.


Fully known as Heart and Soul Fitness, HASFit has been around for almost seven years. Unlike most of the fitness channels on YouTube, HASFit offers over more than 1,000 free workout routines that their subscribers could choose to follow. They make routines for losing body fat, strength training, MMA, and a whole lot more. They can be learned by people who have never worked out before or have plenty of knowledge when it comes to working out. They also consist of exercises that suggest using equipment and exercises that don’t require anything at all. Moreover, HASFit also make videos where they only focus on certain parts of the body, where they really break their regimes down so that the viewers get a better understanding of what the instructors are doing. Most of their videos are pretty long, but they’re definitely worth it. For more information, you could either visit their YouTube channel, their website or download the app that is available on the store.


This channel would be suitable mainly for the ones who prefer working out with high intensity. To follow Scott’s regime, some equipment might be required, but he also tends to focus on the basics. There are loads of videos where he talks about the dos and don’ts of carrying out a specific exercise, as well as videos where he talks about the benefits of it. Most of Herman’s videos aren’t as lengthy as 30 minutes, but the duration depends on what the video is usually about. However, it usually is somewhere between six and 17 minutes, and it seems like the perfect duration for the intensity each of the exercises possess. He even has a website called muscularstrength.com where members of it can get access to workout videos, make meal plans, and buy supplements and equipment if they want to.


From having quick workout routines of five and 20 minutes, to giving you the option to choose the place where you would like to carry them out, Adam Rosante provides his subscribers with nearly everything. His approach to fitness offers both free-hand workouts and working out with equipment. Also, his positive attitude will surely convince you to work out more often. What’s even better is the fact that he also provides his fan base with diets for certain body types. He’s also the author of the number one best seller The 30 Second Body. Adam Rosante has his own website where visitors can also get a 14-day free trial, so if you want it, go for it!


It is important to be very motivated and stress free when trying to get fit, because without a healthy mind, the body will barely show any significant change. Adriene, who is also an actress, provides her viewers with over 400 plus free yoga videos where she addresses both physical and mental matters. Starting from having yoga videos to prevent stress to having videos for all the body parts, Adriene takes her time and talks about the benefits of the poses she carries out and how to perform them perfectly. She even has her own website where you can read her personal blog. Get access to free videos and get the opportunity to join her for a yoga class.

Channel: Hasfit
Subscribers: 831k

Channel: BeFit
Subscribers: 2.8 million

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Subscribers: 1.9 million

Channel: Yoga with Adriene
Subscribers: 3.7 million

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