You’re jet lagged and the last thing you want is to open your luggage and sigh at your clothes that now lay moist in your lotion or shampoo. Well, truth is, no matter how strategically you pack your essentials, there’s always a chance of things breaking or leaking. After all, in the worst case scenario, your luggage is likely to be manhandled at the airport, bus or train station. Here are a few hacks you can use to save your precious belongings.


Carry zip-lock bags in your luggage. In case you’re unable to wash your undergarments during your trip, put them in zip-lock bags to prevent bad smell from spreading inside your luggage. This is a good method of separating your unwashed undergarments from your clean clothes. You can also put these rags in the separate compartments of your bag.


This one’s for all the girls who are afraid to pack their favourite or delicate jewellery with them. You’ll be relieved to know that with this simple hack, you can easily carry all your jewellery in one place without breaking them. Use a pill container to keep all your chains, rings, tiny earrings. With a scotch tape, seal the caps and slip them between your clothes.


Don’t put breakables between clothes. Either use bubble wraps or your socks. Yes! Gather thick socks to stuff in all the products that are prone to breaking such as perfume bottles. If there’s hollow space inside the item, such as a vase or a mug, stuff it with bubble wrap or, once again, socks and towels to help it sustain pressure.


It’s doesn’t take rocket science to realise that your shoes must be packed separately. However, to save space, we often have to squeeze them in between the gaps available. Whatever you do, make sure you have shoe bags to put them in before you pack them with your clothes because they’ll catch the funk from your dirty shoes. In case you can’t find any shoe bags, grab the shower cap from you shower and wrap them with it.


The most common way of carrying lotions and or creams is by sealing the cap or opening with a scotch tape or duct tape. However, when misfortune knocks at your door like the nosy neighbour, you’ll be left with moist or sticky clothes when the bottles burst open or crack due to the pressure. A quick fix would be to gather or buy contact lenses cases and squirt all your night creams, lotions and the alike in it. Seal the cap with scotch tape and you’re ready to go.


It’s very common to find all your neck pieces tangled up in the jewellery box. It’s frustrating! We get it but fret not. Again, we have an easy fix for this annoying little problem. Lay a cellophane wrap on a flat table. From the right or left corner of the wrap, start placing you neck pieces nicely and gently with half an inch of gap between them. When you have reached the middle part of the wrap, stop and lay the other half on top of the jewellery and press lightly to set them. Roll over gently and place them in a jewellery box.

Raisa Rahim is the Sub Editor of ICE Today. Her passion lies in styling and she loves telling stories through makeup.