Moulding the future of photography

The sixth segment out of the 12 workshops on photography took place on Friday, 12th of August. It was hosted by Jagannath University Photographic Society in their campus for the second time in 2 years. The media partner of the workshop was ICE Today, supported by Manfrotto, an Italian brand specialising in tripods, and SS Camera and Photography as documentation partner.

This time around, Din Muhammad Shibly, the director, introduced the spectators to the art of Landscape photography. He talked about its characteristics and the ideal way one should take the perfect photo related to landscape. He then went on with his lecture and spoke about the various types of landscape photography. Regardless of what he focused on during this session, he made sure to remind the audience what the whole point behind the workshops are; to make the attendees realise that it’s not just about taking the photos. It’s about learning from and teaching others through the photos that you take, it’s also about being sincere with your work, and trying to make other people see things from your point of view when looking at a photo.

Shibly remained enthusiastic the whole time. He then proceeded with the workshop by paying respect and displaying the work of renowned photographers such as Edward Weston, Ansel Adams and Dr Shahidul Alam respectively. The works of various other contemporary photographers were also showcased before the workshop eventually reached its conclusion.

It is honestly nothing but a privilege for the ones who are attending these workshops, mainly since they are gaining knowledge about something that they love and are passionate about: photography. Plus, they’re learning from someone who has 16 years of knowledge about it and cherishes that part of his life every day.

Photographs by Din M Shibly