Love (Making) on the Go

There’s something very romantic about travelling. It has a certain allure to it that just makes you want to fall in love; be it with a country, a gorgeous local or even rekindling initial emotions with your partner. Studies suggest that couples who travel have better sex lives. This also applies to single individuals who may have sparks flying between each other. However, people often tend to get carried away in moments of passion and forget about safety. Regardless of what romantic comedies say, love doesn’t come first, your health does. So it is very important to plan ahead. Therefore, here is a list of a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Ensuring that you feel comfortable around your partner

You are most definitely going to encounter a lot of interesting people with colourful personalities and exotic accents. However intriguing that might sound, you should choose your partner wisely. From predators looking to attract tourists to conmen pretending to someone they are not, there are a lot of people out there who can put you into unwanted and even dangerous situations. If you feel even slightly uncomfortable, it’s best that you get away from that person. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Protection is paramount

As mentioned earlier, we tend to get carried away with all the love, we forget about other things. That shouldn’t be the case. Protection is perhaps the most important component at any given moment and should be an absolute non-negotiable prerequisite. Whether you are with your soul mate or someone you met half an hour ago, there can be no exceptions. And if finding love is in your itinerary, it is always better to plan ahead. Although, protective measures such as condoms are widely available, it is better to carry them beforehand. Not only does that save time but you have the assurance of getting it from a trustworthy source. Go with Amore because the only thing better than love is safe love.

Preparation for the next step

It’s easy to get yourself lost in all of your erotic fantasies but do keep in mind that different cultures have different reactions to intercourse, especially if it is pre-marital. For some, one-night stands work perfectly fine, others may expect more. Regardless of cultural norms, you should opt for what seems the most natural to you. Do what feels right. If you think bailing out is the right option, just go for it instead of getting stuck in awkward situations. If you think you want more, do not hesitate to talk it out.


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