Grooming itself can be a time consuming process; in fact, it turns many of you off, mainly because you can’t seem to bother. But let’s face it, there are certain grooming routines that we simply can’t overlook. Trimming and keeping your eyebrows in line happens to be one of them.

There is a significant amount of people who have to shy away or feel shamed by the unibrow they’ve been sporting since you grew up with the likes of Kajol’s glorious brow (that’s right, a single brow). The point is: it doesn’t have to be embarrassing.

There are, believe it or not, a realistic and flattering way to keep your brows as pretty as a model’s without going overboard with it. Without trimming and taking care of it properly, your eyebrows can get unruly and untidy. Now, no one is telling you to pluck away and shape it into perfection, we’re only going to cover the basics.

What you need

Keep your focus on the minor details and easy-to-grab tools. A moustache comb isn’t only used for the follicles above your upper lip. Your brows will need a comb small enough to separate the strands of hair. You can always skip this little step, but possessing the necessary tools will only make things easier for you.

The second little helper in the process is tiny scissors; the exact ones you see in those small travel pack grooming kits. Yes, they are meant to be used to trim your nose hairs, but that doesn’t limit the functionality of a grooming tool.


Know your face

As in accessorising, grooming your face needs special attention and studying too. Certain sunglasses won’t look flattering on you as does on someone else because of how different your face is to others. In order to avoid complete disaster, like trimming too thin or not have it properly lined, it’s important to study your face. Easy and basic steps require you to simply snip off the loose ends and stray hairs.


In motion

The directions are quite simple. Take your moustache comb and start to comb upward – vertically. You can basically comb against the grain to make it as messy or bushy as possible, as we’re trying to simply snip or trim off the top. When the hair is falling out of line, you must cut them back into place with the correct length.

Once you’ve combed the hairs up and out of line, take your tiny scissors and start snipping away carefully. Make sure you are cutting along the lines. This isn’t a haircut, so don’t even think about getting fancy or getting a particular shape. The aim here is to keep the natural shape of things without being so darn messy.


The last bits

Finally, after all the snips and plucks, it’s time to wash your face for a cleaner and sharper look. Comb back your eyebrows to its original and natural shape. While the final step is the easiest, it’s important to remember how not to trim your brows. Stay away from electric clippers, unless it’s specifically made for trimming brows, and big scissors are out of the question.

Mahmood Hossain

Mahmood Hossain is Assistant Editor at ICE Today. He has a passion for film, the love of fashion and is a social media MVP. Follow him: @moodyvintage