I need you all to answer a simple question which can very well prove to be the fountain of youth for all you individuals out there. Take a guess at how old David Beckham is. Wait! Not so fast. Don’t smash your phone’s keyboard in an attempt to taking assistance from Google. Use your sound judgement and guess the Greek god’s age.

A survey showed that 90% of people guessed thought that David Beckham was in his mid thirties, while the reality is that he is 44 years of age. Now, how in the blue moon does Beckham manage to look 10 years younger? Well, the answer couldn’t have been any simple than the fact that he dresses his age. No Botox, no magical elixir from Professor Snape, but simply wearing and styling clothes which suit his age. Such is the beauty of dressing appropriate to one’s age.

If you’re in your 30s, you most likely are a lot more settled into your life. You probably have a set job, you might have started a family by now; life has changed significantly for you and you’re much more focused and responsible. You want your style and look to reflect your persona and want to dress such that you neither dress younger nor dress older than your age. You want to make sure that you hit that perfect middle ground to look dapper and chic.


Regardless of how old you are, fit is what makes or breaks your outfit. You don’t want something which is so tight on you that it makes you feel as though you have resistance band tied around your body. You also don’t want to wear loose clothing such that you look as if you’ve come Straight Outta Compton. Your clothes should sit on you such that it defines your silhouette and gives you a good structure. That way you will look fit and end up dropping down a year or two.


Your suit should form the backbone of your wardrobe for you will find more excuses to wear them and soon find out that you look best in them. This doesn’t include that one navy or grey suit you got tailored in your 20s. It’s time you add more variety to your suits and not only play with colours but patterns too. For starters, opt for Herringbone and once you’ve gotten a good idea of how to play around with patterns, surf into glen plaids. In the words of Jeff from Style O.G, it helps blur your 30s.


Try avoiding these completely especially graphic tees. I am sorry, but these are far behind your age. You don’t want to look like a 15 year old in your 30s. However, if you do want to sport them, invest in plain tees and try to pair them up with shirts as you leave the shirt unbuttoned.

Develop a Signature Style

By now you’ve experimented with tonnes of styles. You’ve tried monochromatic looks, skinny jeans, loud colours, you name it. You should know what suits you the best as you need to start investing a lot more in them. If buttoned downed oxfords or chinos or denims suit you the best, start investing in them. Send experimenting with styles out on vacation because that is what kids do.


I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for all you sneakerheads because it’s time that you shift more towards dressier shoes. Try sporting loafers, oxfords or chukkas; these will complement your age the most.


You might have ignored it when you were young and carefree, but it’s about time that you start prioritising time and for that, you should consider investing in a watch. The moment you don a watch you will feel a sudden surge of confidence and authority in you. People will take you more seriously when you sport a timepiece around your wrist.

Another accessory which you should consider sporting is a pair of sunglasses. You might have worn sunglasses which were trending in your 20s but, it’s high time that you purchase one in synchrony to your face shape. If you have a round face shape, opt for sunglasses with sharp edges. Just like a watch, these come with a boost of personality in your outfit.

Embrace your 30s for you’ve entered the time in your life when you begin laying down the foundations of your future. And, the place you should first start from is your wardrobe. What you wear eventually forms your mannerism and your personality. Start strong and excellence will follow you.

Ali Sakhi

Ali Sakhi Khan is a contributing writer at ICE Today. When he is not writing, he is cracking lame jokes with hopes of making people laugh