Give your monsoon a sublime makeover

The smell of the earth after a good downpour sinks into our hearts, only to tingle the senses and walk our minds through a wet forest, filled with greenery and silence. One might tune into the radio only to indulge in songs that accentuate the pitter-patter of the rain on the window pane. We know how much you love the romance of the drizzle, and so we bring to you Monsoon bridal makeovers created by makeup artist Pinky Peya and styled by Raisa Rahim.

Make monsoon a beautiful occasion
Add some glow to it with 6 YARDS STORY

Model: Antora Monira

Makeover: Pinky Peya

Styling: Raisa Rahim

Photographer: Sakib Muhtasim

Jewellery: 6 YARDS STORY