Madani Avenue is undergoing urbanisation. On either side of the long road are rows of newly established shops, stores and supermarkets. At the end of this long stretch of burgeoning buildings is the Abinta Kabir Foundation School. July 7, 2018 marked the one year anniversary of the school’s inception. Within just a span of a year, Abinta Kabir Foundation School has forged ahead leaps and bounds by expanding their space to accommodate a computer room, a playroom and added classrooms.

The brightly lit hallways were thriving with the unbound energy of kindergarteners trotting about and excitedly peering at the guests – a respectable list including Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, Lady Syeda Sarwat Abed and Professor Dr Anisuzzaman as special guests – all of whom reiterated the necessity for education.

Photograph by Abinta Kabir Foundation

Apart from stressing on education, The Abinta Kabir Foundation School takes care to nurture their students interpersonal development, instilling in them empathy and fostering their confidence. The children put on a small cultural program as a way to welcome the guests, and while some of us might have lost our cool performing in front of such esteemed personalities, the children performed with utmost grace and had the audience captivated. Lady Abed surmises it well when she says, “Just having a child with good qualities is not enough – we should teach them other values for a better life ahead.”

Photograph by Abinta Kabir Foundation

The Abinta Kabir Foundation School strives to uphold the ethical values of their namesake. The school endeavors in shaping underprivileged children, by equipping them with the tools and amenities so that they may reach the best of their potentials. While the children might be naive to the legacy they are part of, they are certainly an integral part of it. And the spirit that these students have can be easily glimpsed in the confident open smiles they readily flash while neatly filing down the stairs, home-bound after a busy day of learning, playing and growing at school.

Marjiya Baktyer Ahmed

Marjiya Ahmed is a literature student whose world is incomplete without music. Besides for listening to her favorite tracks, she fancies poetry.