Truly a heart-wrenching loss for food-lovers everywhere. Anthony Bourdain, 61 was found dead in his hotel in Paris where he was filming for his show “Parts Unknown”. The bad boy chef was an unabashed storyteller who weaved countless captivating tales. Through his passionate love for food, he explored cultures and marveled at the eccentric delights of the cuisines he introduced to us. From a New York Times best seller to a celebrated television host – Anthony has left behind a monolith of a legacy. Here are 5 interesting facts you might not have known about the chef, travel host and author.

Charmed by oysters in France

At the tender age of 10, Anthony had his first taste of a freshly shucked oyster on a fishing boat in France. He fell in love immediately, and thus began his life-long relationship with discovering new dishes to chase after.

Overcame a drug habit

His New York Times bestseller “Kitchen Confidential” chronicles his struggle with LSD, cocaine and heroin. Anthony details the desperation with which he sold his record collection for a hit. He managed to clean up his act and picked himself up by the collar, and rightly got on to having more fulfilling food adventures.

Caught in a conflict

While filming for an episode of his TV show No Reservations in 2006, Bourdain and his crew found themselves in the middle of the Israel-Lebanon conflict. The episode turned into a first-hand account of him and the crew trying to escape the conflict, and was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2007.

Vegetarianism is a “First World Luxury”

Bourdain was unapologetically opinionated. He didn’t shy away from wryly dispensing with his views. According to the energetic food aficionado, vegetarianism lifestyle is a rude imposition for third world countries where there isn’t much in the way of choice.

A Regular Joe

Despite being one of the most prolific food experts of our time, he wasn’t highbrow when it came down to splurging on some deliciously greasy fast food or a hot TV dinner. He has professed his love for KFC, Popeye’s and macaroni and cheese.



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