Which place comes to your mind first when you think of going to a refreshing place for your holidays? Shouldn’t a place full of natural beauty along with all the facilities to enjoy to the fullest comes to your mind? And surely, in Thailand you can enjoy your holidays just like the way you always have imagined it to be. It is not new that people often go there for vacation. People these days are going there for business purposes too. That is because, this is a country with full of opportunities. Their high quality of living standard with superior hospitality has made it more desirable to choose it as a country to go for vacation and business purposes.

There is a good news for the people who prefer to go to Thailand very often no matter, if it is for business purposes, holidays or any other reason. Recently Thai government is offering ‘Thailand Elite Program’ which will provide long term-visas to the affluent foreign citizens which will change the entire concept of travelling for the travelers. This offer will save you from giving a huge amount of money as tax.

In this program of Thailand residence there will be concierge services including luxurious travel experiences which will make Thailand so close to you. You will get another home outside of your motherland, where you can go anytime you want weather it is for adventure or business meeting.

It is quite troublesome that every time when you have to go to Thailand for your business purpose, you have to apply for visa. Not only this but also there are other things, such as booking hotels, cars etc. can make the traveling more hectic. For those Elite Ultimate Privilege program by Thailand Elite can be a very good option. This is because it will provide you 20-year residence visa by paying approximately USD 68,000, plus an annual fee of approximately USD 680 to the Thai real estate. To apply for this program you have to be aged 20 years or older. You’ll also get complimentary privileges including VIP assistant services, VIP lounge access, golf and spa treatments for 24 times per year, one annual health checkup at a local private hospital with immigration, driver’s license and work permit as government concierge services.

The packages offered by Thailand Elite can make your experiences of going to Thailand and living there a very good one. The service they provide is premium and worthwhile.  You will not feel that you are in another country because of this service provider company’s humbleness. So when it is obvious to spend your money, then why not making the spending worth it by experiencing a premium service?