Lenovo Z5: the promise of a truly all-screen phone

Lenovo entered the smartphone business only back in 2013 and later in 2014 it acquired Motorola Mobility from Google. Fast forward to 2018, the Chinese technology company is promising us a smartphone that Apple, Samsung, and other leading smartphone companies have just started building towards: an all screen phone. Chang Cheng, the vice president of Lenovo, had taken it upon himself to leak a sketch of the Lenovo Z5 through the Chinese social media, Weibo. The phone seems to have ultra-thin bezels and not a trace of a notch. It is yet unsure what Lenovo plans to do with the front facing camera, the sensors or the earpiece, but Cheng has stated that the phone comes with 4 technological breakthroughs and 18 patents.

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The actual sketch of the Lenovo Z5 shared by Lenovo’s vice president, Chang Cheng

The only true all screen phone that the world has seen till now is Vivo’s APEX. The phone has an in-glass fingerprint sensor and a pop-up selfie camera. Unfortunately, it is only a concept phone which means that Vivo has yet not figured out how to bring down the manufacturing cost of the device enough to make it available to consumers. However, with Cheng’s announcement, it kind of seems like that Lenovo is far ahead in the competition to give the world a truly bezel-less phone.

The leaked sketch boasts of an impressive 95% screen-to-body ratio, which is more than any other so-called bezel-less smartphone in the world. Most phones have followed Apple’s example and introduced notches of various sizes to their phones in order to increase the size of the display. Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 is currently the only phone in the market that has the highest screen-to-body ratio: 91.3%. Will Lenovo be able to beat that and deliver what it has so boldly promised, it remains to be seen.

By Muntaqa Bari